NEW Koowheel Onyx Gen 2 Electric Skateboard First Ride Review

Today, we unbox and test out the new Koowheel Onyx Gen 2 Electric Skateboard. This is a great budget electric skateboard coming in at only $650. The ride is is nice and stable, and the motors have a good amount of torque to them. Braking and accelerating is very smooth, and the bones swiss bearings make this board roll forever. Definitely a premium board at a cheap price tag. Be on the look out for a comprehensive review once my knee heals.




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Anonymous Feather:
Paris 180mm trucks:
Reds Bearings:
Arbor Mosh Wheels:

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Panasonic G7:
Pixco 8mm fisheye:
Joby Gorillapod:
Rode Micro:
DJI Phantom 3:

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Cesar Bermudez says:

Koowheel Onyx Gen 2 vs Backfire V2 video please

Btappin says:

You probably could’ve hit a higher top speed if the board was above a 50% charge, as you can see before you did the speed test you could see a red light which indicated the charge was below 50%. Would you be able to do a speed update???

Collin Quach says:

good review

Shimmer says:

Ronnie still manages to put out an electric skateboard review with an injured knee, what can’t this man do??

Mlgamer 62 says:

Hey Ronnie, I love long boarding but I can’t afford a long board myself is there any board you are not using that you can give me it will be greatly appreciated email me at

Justin Fricke says:

Good to see you’re doing well after your crash and I hope the knee gets feeling better soon.

Quick question: I’m in the market for an electric skateboard and I’m torn between the Backfire V2 and the Onyx Gen 2. I’m going to use it as a commuter board around Nashville. Which one would you pick based solely off of range, speed, feel, etc. and not basing it off price?


gamezmeow says:

The last generation motors were made of pot metal with exposed bearings. Let us know what’s different from this generations motors!

John Mcenna says:

Nice vid Ronnie.. !!

Garret says:

What is the best board for under 500$?

Kickflipping says:

you should review the genesis tomohawk

Lucia Threels says:

Really fun video man, cant skate too, its 2 degrees celsuis here now (35,6 degrees fahrenheit) Its freezing here!

Big Kids says:

Bro, you are a magnet for electric skateboards! Vendors are just throwing them at you! Great edit once again. You’re banging them out.

– Neil

Boner blaze says:


Luis Mendoza says:

Is that give away still up?

Dylan Beckerich says:

That Board is Black Beauty!

aaronroach3 says:

Can you do a video with the Blitzart Mini? It’s a budget e-skateboard, about $200, and I’d love to see a video on it. I want to get a good affordable e-skateboard

YourFellow Asian says:


Oreo Bug says:

I can’t wait for u to review the blink qu4tro !!!!

Joel Teo says:

Do a huge comparison between all ur electric skateboards! Dope video!

Andrew Kimrey says:

hey I’m trying to figure out what board i should get what would you recommend i have gotten down to 2 as of now the Backfire 2  or the blink S. i will be using this for commute on college campus and don’t have a huge budget so if you have a better board in mind please let me know. thanks

Astro Wolf says:

What should i get im topping up betweem board in this vid and backfire going to use it fot cruising around,having fun and riding to school which is pretty 2miles.

SpottedShark says:

I’m a college student looking to get an electric skateboard to get to my campus from my apartment and back at the end of the day, would this be a good board for me? I’m new to e-boarding and skating in general. Thanks.

Lexi Angels says:

Can you make a video to compare the koowheel to the backfire board please?????! Because I don’t know which one to get

Luka Jebisashvili says:

love your vids I’m looking up to getting one but I’m kinda broke soi might get the meepo but I don’t like it soi might get the backfire 2

Alex Fuss says:

Ha lol only 3 comments how u only git 100 views

OlympicFilms says:

you got your own Dale Decker

Miguel Perez says:

Ever thought of a giveaway bro? If you do Im not implying you should send one to me. That would be wrong

Dearly Frances says:

I love how you’re reviewing all these electric skateboards cause it helps us decide which one we would want to get! Very helpful and keep up the good work Ronnie 🙂

Thymen van Ede says:

Like the vid. Just a heads up I know the jake Paulers won’t like the fact that you have the same bleep noise over cursing. Get creative with something of your own

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