Netflix for Skateboarding? ETN Review!

A little while ago, ETN launched. It’s a streaming service for exclusive skateboard content. They have stuff like a game show called Foooour Wheels Live, a talk show called Topical Paradise, as well as tons of contest coverage for stuff like Street League and Tampa Am. Is it worth subscribing too? I watch all the shows and review them one by one.


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“Level Up” Kevin MacLeod (
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SpaceNigs says:

Final verdict: I forgot to cancel my subscription and they fucking took $90 from me. Also, no good way to watch the shows other than the app but I don’t wanna watch every episode of foooour wheels on my phone

That weird panda from Enjoi says:

radrat really needs to be more active in his comment sections…

skatersridge says:

is street league only ETN

Franken Peter says:

I’d pay money to destroy Revive and Braille. FUcking CANCER

FIRChristian says:

To answer your question – No. An average-at-best idea that’s executed poorly, and it isn’t necessarily cheap.

Hanwakan Blaikie Whitecloud says:

This was hilarious, great job. “I don’t know why this isn’t an edited segment”

Justin Lehner says:

Etn sucks


Etn is pritty cool I subscribe and think it’s worth it. I fell you on alot of the series only haveing one episode. Maybe they are takeing on to mutch at once idk. At least there is constantly new material on the Channel all the time. 4 wheels live is realy creative and I like it a lot. And get lost is realy good to learn about different places to skate and culture of places you a have never thought about with skateboarding. I hope they put more get lost episodes on there

Technine boarder says:

captain and casey show was life back in the day

Wesley van den Eikhof says:

Steve Olson did not know what was going on at that ramp comp haha

michael reyes says:

Spider-Man !

frostshock13 says:

They need to have and bring back The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show..

zeoalexo says:

i was actually gonna suggest you do a video on etn

ben doverma says:

Why do they have reach tho

birnath says:

As expected, looks like garbage.

Ian Turnbow says:

Here’s the verdict: nah.

Free Tacos says:

im surprised that ETN is still a thing. they got so much shit for even proposing the idea of a “paid for” skate video service. if they’re gonna make it they really need to knock it outta the park. there is so much great skate content available for free

JohnnyGuitar says:

Ay you rat bastard!!! Show some love to the comment section rat!!! Stop twiddling your goddamn rat tail!!! ETN is fuckin garbage, shit freezes, its trash, straight trash rat, i said trash!!!

Dancrazyman1 says:

Plz do a history documentery vid of 411vm Video’s skate + bmx .. RAD!!

I Miss Elliott says:

OMG the Captain Casey show man, that brings tears to my eyes, I remember watching it with a friend I used to skate back in the day, he died and I havent been able to pick up another board.

I also remember that before that show they aired the zoo york tv show, road maps I think it’s was? With Harold Hunter, what a legend…

Aze says:

with some more polish I think this could be great, especially the shows could get sponsors for a better budget. Also, when I think the whole terrible set thing is meant to be like Wayne’s world? Like it was ‘legit’ and it’s.’just a dude in his basement. ‘ that kinda vibe. Also, love the new end screen

VLSkate says:

I think that the concept has potential but it won’t be worth it until they have a ton more content. Also, I don’t think they should have put access to street league and tampa behind a paywall. They can charge for their own content but street league and tampa were already being streamed for free and it was annoying when you had to now pay money for them. Thanks for the mention by the way! 😉

sKyWIperzzz says:

ETN is trash

Alec R. says:

That ass though

dylectric says:

My guess is ETN will continue to be killed off by YouTube and Instagram, just like skate videos themselves. 411 needs to come back in some fashion. That shit was the best

Anthony Tran says:

Thank you for reviewing this! Maybe it’ll be worth checking in on again in a few months.

Daniel Kelly says:

whos the chick at 5:41

Christ the boss says:

Hey rad can you review Dave mirra’s pro bmx 1 & 2 plz!

Cheeto Oteehc says:

8:50 I was thinking the captain and Casey show as soon as you said that and i got so hyped when you brought them up hahaha

Thizzy Wailer says:

The chick at 9:11 doing interviews at Venice is pornstar Joanna Angel

AlexCoronaPhoto says:

“Pretty good host”? Lol, c’mon man you know that’s the owner and founder of the whole network.

juven romero says:

This is actually pretty cool. It definitely does remind me of 411 and ON Video mag. Skateboarding needs something like this, especially something raw and done by skaters for skaters. Some polish and it could be influential just like 411 ON Video Mag were.

Farine says:

Some features really are unique and interesting but it’s polluted by other shitty features and it’s all wrapped in a shitty player, etc. I’d probably watch a few things here and there, but it’s not like we don’t already have tons of free excellent skateboarding media.

Dan K says:

This has flop written all over it.

Vuong Ha says:

The image quality drops down when live-streaming, because your streaming server transcodes it into a streaming format. That’s why the use of Flash, Flash video is a well known streaming format.

Mac Sunny says:

Grats on 20k subs.

Ben Weatherly says:

You should do a video about Jake Brown

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