MY FAVORITE SKATEBOARD EVER? (Baker B² 8.25 Skateboard Deck Review)

My favorite skateboard ever?
Honest review of a Baker B² 8.25 Dee skateboard deck

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Baker B² 8.25 Dee skateboard deck:

My filming equipment:
– Canon 60D:
– Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM lens:
– Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 SLR lens:
– Yongnuo YN300 Air:
– Takstar SGC-598:

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vutny chan says:

Try moose blank decks. U can find them at tgm skateboard website and they are only $25. They also have steep concave

AD1 says:

REAL decks with the R1 wood have big noses and tails, fairly steep concave, are light, and last a while. I just had one and it was awesome. I snapped an Enjoi, a renewal edition REAL, and a local brand deck in like 2 months. The R1 REAL lasted 2 months of harder more consistent skating on its own, and hasn’t snapped. It wore out before it snapped.

NessaDarps says:

Nice review and sick clips! I’ve never ridden Baker. Used to love alien workshop (I want to get one again) and I’ve been really liking the Almost I’ve been riding, it’s taken a beating and still has no chips or anything (razor tail is getting bad tho) it’s about time for a new one. Might have to try baker sometime.

Dimocha SB says:

My favorite board fountation i am russia!)

Kevin Ryan says:

I think you already skated a Numbers Edition but they have some steep/full shapes

Tana J says:

Heroin skateboards have a steeper concave and the shape is slightly squared, ive skated them before and they helped me learn treflips great deck

Beast modes gaming Satterley says:

My favorite board has to be the revive boards because I like how it lasts and the shape

Peyton Eudy says:

For the recommendations on the full shape and concave I would definitely recommend habitat it’s got steep concave comparable to zero and light bit also has a square nose and tail, my favorite board that I’ve ever had. Keep up the good work, live the vids!!!

Brian Fuchs says:

U should do a give away

Dodge Jury says:

Great video here! Loving your work 🙂 thumbs up from D.J.P 🙂

david says:

santa cruz has some pretty steep concave

miloš žorž says:

can you do opinion videos comparing wheels factories oj,bones,spitfire,ricta,orbs…..and where they are made. I have 120kilos and it is difficult to choose. My weight pushes wheels to the ground more than normal skater ,so will i have more grip with same wheels than normal skater. than there is duro and contactpatch.

Derek Fermaint says:

i love ur channel ur tha best

CraigLaq says:

Real Low Pro II FULL

Jan says:

0:50 LOL legend

Frankie Perez says:

I recommend you try a Girl deck

Alex Cullen says:

My heelflip variations seem way easier with mellow concave. I like Toy Machine and DGK a lot. Nice job on the 6 stair Kickflip.

Ayesp says:

Try a DGK board. I bought a boo johnson pro model and it has the most pop and steepest concave I have ever skated.

Devan Espinoza says:

Creature has been one of my favorite beards man, it has a big round nose (if you’re into that) and has strong Manual points I really hope you give it a try man

NastyBoy says:

Bakers are always my favorite board because of the rounded nose and tail but I want to try a quasi deck because they have a really squared out nose and tail. Great vid!

VenturaSkate says:

Yeah I usually skate Aliens, or Anti-Heros. Both have a squarish nose, and a steeper concave. Also Chris, how was the concave and shape on the flight decks, and did the flight deck last as long as the b2 board?

Sakaki Yuya says:

Well, even thought I haven’t ride a board in a while, so, I purchased baker.

Pisarkie says:

Would you mind trying and reviewing a girl or chocolate board?

Ghillie Skillz says:

How do u think of Alien Workshop vs the Baker board with steep concave

Enjoi The Junt says:

Try a fucking awesome

OpenJaws says:

Definitely gonna try a baker v2 after this review! Thanks so much for your review! Have you done any crailtap distribution boards such as chocolate or girl?

alex d says:

the real boards full shape is pretty good. I liked the 8.38 full shape zion board a lot

Luis Perez says:

Real has full shapes and weekend

Anolis 44 says:

Try a charge board

LeNzxCalibur says:

i skated a zero board awhile ago and it felt heavy at first but after you break it in and flex it out a little the board seemed to get lighter. my favorite board ive ever skated was a skate mental board, you should give those a try

rroollfallen says:

The kickflip down the 6 was sick Chris! Nice review too! What happened to your primitive board?

gunner murphy says:

Cmooon review the minilogo. Fr tho i dont mind waiting I just wanna know your thoughts

VLSkate says:

i think my favorite board was also a baker. 8.5 with the mellow concave, it just felt really nice and made some flip tricks easier to pop high for me

gunner murphy says:

My favorite board was probably a zero 8.25 p2. A 14.5 in wheelbase and a carbon insert or whatever make it feel really good, my friend is still skating it after about 3 months. Sadly I can’t find any more

Nicole Jamandre says:

I thought baker and deathwish had the same board construction

J__ X04 says:

I haven’t skated a Baker yet I usually stick to toy machine, alien workshop, and Element. But Im planning on getting a Baker board next.

P. S I enjoy watching your vids Chris keep up the work.

will fill says:

wknd/ quasi are mostly full shapes

Beast modes gaming Satterley says:

My next board needs to be a baker I’ve wanted to for awhile

AD1 says:

I just bought a primitive and they’re the complete opposite. Small ends, almost flat concave. I have no idea how P-Rod skates these.

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