Today, I test and review the small and portable Acton Blink S2 Electric skateboard. This e-skate is one of the more premium e-boards I have ridden, and honestly, it’s one of the best. I have ridden a boosted, own a meepo, backfire, and a tiny eagle eboard. There are a ton of other brands of electric skateboards out there that I still have to try out, but for now, this is my favorite board! So, my question to you is, what is your favorite electric skateboard.

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Twitter: @Supronnie
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I’m happy you’re stoked on what I’m doing! You can support by purchasing merch designed by me!

►What is your longboard setup?
Anonymous Feather:
Paris 180mm trucks:
Reds Bearings:
Arbor Mosh Wheels:

►What do you use to make your YouTube videos?
Panasonic G7:
Pixco 8mm fisheye:
Joby Gorillapod:
Rode Micro:
DJI Phantom 3:

►Is there a way I can contact you via email?
You can reach me at

►You work with a lot of companies. Got any discounts for us?

► Who made the music in this video?
Music by G-WIZ:

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Adeline Ng says:

How does it compare with the Riptide Elite?

Matheus Vasconcelos says:

Hey Ronnie, Great video man.. I really want one of your boards to go to the school but, no money no fun. Keep the good work ma man 🙂

Eufa The Cat says:

Can u pleeeese make a heavy water test on the backfire.

Shimmer says:

Dude! I gotta try this one!!

Andy Masfar says:

This board is definitely a fun ride!!!

MeiChi Michael says:

There is a toggle button in the battery compartment for modes

C4slime says:

your the best , i think im going to get a meepo board

chi2251 says:

You should replace the deck with something like the hi5ber carbon deck or a pool deck, something with a flat bottom so the battery won’t be affected

moistmaster101 says:

Can you review the Lou 3.0?

Lucia Threels says:

Really dope video man, really want a electric skateboard, but its illegal here in the netherlands to ride them on the roads 🙁 Have fun at the freestyle jam bro, you deserve the best!

Evan Goebel says:

its a cool board but the company has shown itself to be shady and its nothing special compared to all the other sub 1000$ boards.

Kenneth Kum says:

Your should check out the inboard M1 and Raptor 2! The more premium boards out in the market.

Isac Ferreira says:

i start to look your chanel whem you bought the meepo… this one you actually get free, not speed, not range, not so long(confortable), the battery AAA on remote…so mark price of 999$ more x2 time meepo…. so whats make you actually like it,…

Kuro Rei says:

Compared to the Backfire 2, would you recommend this more than the backfire? Is it more reliable if you ride this in the city? Trying to find out what should i get in nyc or wait for the backfire 2 indegogo or get this now.

chedyus says:

My fav e board is wowgo, I have it for one week now is absolutely amazing dude, I swear!!

thatsginter says:

Nice video! Pretty close to my thoughts on my review too… i’ve had the S2 for 5ish months now and after a minor issue that Acton took care of, it’s been serving me well. Thinking of doing a “6 months later” video to let people know how it’s holding up.

K Kevin says:

Can you use other board remote to connect with Blink S2?

Aech Xavior says:

“maximum range of 14 miles per hour” 1:30

crespo6565 says:

come back and make a follow-up video when you have to deal with their customer service. I’m sure your opinion will change lol.

Figlife Miami says:

lol nothing wrong letting out a little gas hahaha great vid bruh

Arne Bornheim says:

Really nice review man ! Love the scribble explanation style for the specs. Got to ride the S2 a couple weeks ago and really liked it. Only wish they would have another controller

Butler Blues says:

Gotta lemme try it tomorrow homie 😉

Cesar Bermudez says:

Board seems solid but is considerably more expensive than the Backfire V2…so I’ll get the V2

Nathan DiVincenzo says:

Please dont stop making trick videos that is why i subscribed to your channel

Big Kids says:

Always thinking of new ways to film. Real creative review brotha!

– Neil

Joel Teo says:

Ronnie you should do a studio tour! Also you should race against the backfire and meepo board. Also great video

Kane says:

Too bad $900 is out of my range. Keep up the video though I love them! Can you do a giveaway for the cheapskates like me?

Samir Hussain says:

so what happens if your going full speed and your remote batterys dies on you

ACTON says:

Thanks for the awesome review! Use Ronnie’s link: to get your BLINK S2 and support his channel. 🙂

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