Huge thanks to Landwheel for sending out this board for me to review and for sponsoring this video. This is one of the fastest electric skateboards I’ve ridden with a max top speed of 28mph, swappable battery, and the ability to turn and skateboard or longboard electric it’s definitely one of the most versatile boards out there.

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Anonymous Feather:
Paris 180mm trucks:
Reds Bearings:
Arbor Mosh Wheels:

Panasonic G7:
Pixco 8mm fisheye:
Joby Gorillapod:
Rode Micro:
DJI Phantom 3:

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J D says:

My hill tests with this L3A-X version resulted in battery cut-out when using high speed setting, on a 10% gradient, with almost full battery charge, before reaching anywhere near top speed.

Tried two batteries; each resulted in identical behaviour. Interested to learn what your hill climb test results in (on high speed mode).

King Kong Karter says:

You should race all your electric boards with all your friends that would be really cool.

YourFellow Asian says:

Are u goin to make that hoodie a merch ?

Niedrix Tabuzo says:

Yowww! There was a drone shottt! Will you upload a video tomorrow? I would like to see a just an ordinary vlog.

James McGiffin says:

do you ever skate in carytown?

Mike Cane says:

What was the temperature and windchill that day?

Reyna Vlogs says:

Nice pink Adidas

ronnbizzy says:

Where’s the Meepo 1.5 tho?

Alex Fitzmaurice says:

Love the color on that deck tho! And the pink adidas are dope lol

Malakai.carter says:

Hey I want a electric skate board I’m 12 what’s the best thing I like going fast

Rodney Redor says:

Keep up the great content Ronnie!

Liam Shurman says:


Mow Money Mods says:

dammit no shipping to Australia. just my luck.

Alec says:

Is there a specific board type that should be used with the drive kit? Longboard, yeah, but what about length? Great video man!

Karen Larkin says:

Best channel ever

Lucia Threels says:

Really dope video bro, happy new year, keep on going man!

Ronnie Sarmiento says:

Thanks for watching guys! A couple of things I wanted to mention. Range depends on a variety of things like: how fast you ride, where you ride (hills/flat), how much you weigh etc so your range can vary. To get the most mileage, ride in the slower mode on flat surfaces (extra batteries are a good idea too)! And when it comes to the voltage sag, when the battery voltage is low, the circuit board will enter into slow speed mode for protection, but still keep braking function. If you guys have any other questions, be sure to leave them in the comments!

Dearly Frances says:

The view on 7:40 was so tight ! Nice review Ronnie and happy holidays!

daniel golovekis says:

man, that looked awesome. might get myself one!!! but you asked for content. i was looking into this board and if you get a chance, review this hiwheel budget electric skateboard. and keep up the amazing work you. you rock!!!

not4fun says:

I want know about uphill and downhill break test

Alex Chan says:

Hey Ronnie, I’ve been watching u and I’ve always wanted to do the tricks u do but I have drop down board and it’s a heavy board and it has very short tails. I was wondering if u could do a video showing how to do tricks on one of these, thanks!

Mivhael Baker says:

Hey Ronnie I hope you had a good Christmas and I think that you should do a video of a pogo stick and you have showed me that you can do whatever you put your mind too and like you say stay stoked about everything.

Jason H says:

Top speed is 24? can you please check this one? it’s 30km/h, do you think it’s real?

Big Kids says:

Jason from Landwheel is super responsive and I give them huge props for that. It’s a great product and I can’t wait to get mine as well! This is their 4th iteration and they’ve been working with the guys with the DIY scene and they’re serious about getting an awesome product out to the public! It’s fricken fast. Happy New Years brotha!

– Neil

huzzler g says:

Good Speed test ! mine will arrive me in a few days ! cant wait to do a speed test too ! Good work !

David Xie says:

Uggh there’s so much snow and it’s like 7 degrees Fahrenheit where I live so I can’t go outside and ride my back fire. Stupid Winter

Robin V says:

Look at those big houses. Another addition to your electric skateboards and its as fast as a motorcycle and if you like going fast on your board you should try doing downhill

JD Tech TV says:

(Insert Shonduras voice) Daaaaaaaaaang those punk Adi’s! Digging them. Nice review though. My big ass is too scared to take those turns at over 15mph lol. Brave man.

Charlie Pooch says:

Cool Board! Not sure if it seems worth the price though

Bennett Poplin says:

love your vids keep it up

OlympicFilms says:

assuming there’s no way to put that battery pack on a drop thru style board

andres hernandez says:


Josh Bauer says:

It is a cool board but with that small battery and voltage sag idk If it’s worth $900

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