The Meepo Board is one affordable piece of fun. This electric skateboard spec’s up with the premium or elite brands and from my small amount of experience, it punches well and gives you a thrill. Here’s the Meepo Electric Skateboard review.

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Dany MG says:

It´s funny also that the rear light that it´s included… it´s the one that I bought for my GTX on aliexpress(exactly the same xDD). I mean, it´s nice that he includes it, but it´s a 2,25 $ light xDD I will change it anyway, because it doesn´t have a lot of lumens, and I saw another ones on aliexpress that have way more lumens and cost almost the same. These are the lights that Meepo include :

Irti says:

So you bringing this board to SF? I’d love to ride it and review it for my other channel 🙂

Kevin Schauwaers says:

Kinda funny. This board is made with exactly the same hub motor as i used in my DIY board. Must say this hub motor is a beast. Tops at around 43km/h and even on a modest hill i drove it around 35 KM/h.

Yanzo DaDon says:

Everyone on Facebook eskate: I want a board that can go 60kmh and has 50km range but cost below $200 lol

Sololane Mvlog says:

Can’t wait for mine either!!! You receive something to tighten in the box right?

Tac L says:

Ordered mine 5 days ago…but won’t be shipped until the 22nd. Can’t wait to ride it

worth it or worthless says:

I’d buy one if it didn’t cost over $100 for shipping.. Hell I had one in my cart ready to go when I saw the price of shipping… I wanted to review this board too..

TryinHARD YT says:

Can you bring this on airplanes??

Joshua GameDesigner says:

What’s the Wait limit?

ddkuo says:

Got mine for 2 weeks. Great accel, perfect brakes, a little too powerful acceleration in my opinion, coming from getting used to inboard M1. Gonna change it to a harder bushing and putting on some awesome bearings and see if I can get greater performance!

John Egan says:

“…20° hill climb”? Go back and use and inclinometer app and check that, you may be surprised what is says. I doubt it will say 20° though. Pretty cool little board! Cheers, John 😉

Frezro says:

hey Jay

Electric Skateboards Crew Madrid says:

Would Meepo red wheels be so dirty? Mmm

Scott Beresford says:

Hey dude, my girlfriend and I live in Scotland and originally both bought Acton boards. My girlfriend ordered a Blink S a while ago and is still waiting on it so she is now considering a Meepo (I swapped to Raptor 2). She prefers the design and looks of the Blink S and is finding it hard to switch to the Meepo at this point since she has been waiting for so long on the Blink S.
We made a short pro/con list and on paper the Meepo comes out on top easily.
What is your opinion of each board and what one do you think would be the best option? Board is mostly for casual riding, size etc doesn’t really matter.

jeff rosenberg says:

Jay how would you compare this to the Raptor 2 which you reviewed ? Can you give the plus and minus. I have one on order and wonder now if I should get it.

David Garston says:

Hey Jay, I’ve been considering a board looking at Evolve but seem connection probs with remote, this board looks incredible value I’m a big guy approx 16 stone do you think this board ok for me ?

Kieran E-board says:

Nice video. Jay thanks for your support!

philb1983 says:

I’m literally going to buy one just for when it rains.

Fabian B. says:

Can you test the new backfire 2 board please? Also very cheap but top speed is 40 kmh

Christopher Railwah says:

This is a really ideal . Hmmm

philb1983 says:

The dog is awesome

Electric Skateboards Crew Madrid says:

How long does it take to fully charge battery ?

ronnie tash says:

chianese hub motor lol! to whoever bought this trust me you’r fucked im sorry but thats true this will perform somewhat okay for the first few weeks then …

James Woods says:


GivesAMinute says:

Love that auto on function!! I hate having to turn the Bamboo over, push the button then squint to see if the blue light has come on or not. User experience. I’m all about it.

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