Learning To Skateboard at 32 Years Old

Today I review learning to skateboard as an out of shape heavy 32 year old. Can old fat guys learn to skate? Well I’m certainly trying, not that I’m that old or big but I’m no 14 year old either. I’d say skateboarding is a lot of fun and it’s never too late to learn!

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Ste Dunn says:

I’d be really interested in watching you do progression, maybe get intouch with braillie? That would be a great series to watch as a 31 year old man I’d love to get back into skateboarding but nobody to skate with and for me it’s such a great social event, having friends who can spur you on.

Nicholas Couch says:

p2 boards have a layer of carbon fiber in them or creature boards can sometimes have more layers of wood in them

mastakla69 says:

nigga cracks are comp

Jonathan winsper says:

well done getting out there, its hard when you hit 30 and you have kids to do anything, great video by the way too!

christian rios says:

Good job man!keep it up

josh lawton says:

Oh my god lol, the kids just stared when he fell.

mastakla69 says:

im 29 and my first pro board was a flip “new wave” at 15… phantom 2 trucks and lighning 7s

sebastião Mv says:

New subscrter loving your videos!! You should learn bonelesses fast plants there easy and super fun! keep up with the awsome content!!!!!!

Don Juan Bob Jovi says:

I’m 33 fortunately I was really serious when I was young so I can still do some flip tricks and grinds but barely hopefully I get it all back only been a week but anyway good luck watch how to videos and practice


nice videos man also i live in Canada go Canada ture life canadian lol

Matthew Manghi says:

Nice dude! I’m 40 and learning to skate as well. It’s rough but super fun!

jamiela91 says:

Nice beef almost caught your face on that piece of black top that one kid was like damn

jamiela91 says:

Was that blood on your hand timmy you need to get some damn pads and stuff cuz in the future timmy you’ll break your finger compound fracture if you keep skating like that if I call it you can say I told you so in your next video

~The Lazy Vlogger~ says:

I broke every rule and dont worry im a big bitch (230) I am terrified of the board after i supermanned from a rock

talkingtom11717 says:

Braille sent me

megamanxtreme2 says:

I tried to skate once. I fell off the board and swore off skateboarding. Good times.
It’s good that you are giving it a try, and I hope that you make good progress. 🙂

Skatemaster Nate says:

lol man I’m 41, and used to be almost 400#. If you want to see this happen, feel free to check out my Skate ‘R Diet! vlogs. I have lost almost 100# so far, and am progressing in my skating pretty good so far, after a 20+ year hiatus.

ridethelighting says:

37 next month and started skateboarding today. Just gonna use it for transportation so I got a Penny style 27″. I’m excited! My 5 and 6 year old girls already want to learn 😛
Good luck man, you’re doing great.

zalmaflash says:

My skateboarding experience lasted about 10 horizontal feet and 5 vertical feet. When my grandson quit laughing – he took it back.

Skatemaster Nate says:

wow Jesus man those wheels!!

NarwhaleMan says:

You should really get a longboard. I’m young and weigh a lot. if you can invest into a good 250 dollarish max for a starter board. I would recommend a Arbiter DK from Original skateboards. It is like a sized up version of a street deck. Got to your channel from braille and congrats on the new sub! Ask if you need any help.

Carly Hart says:

My 14 yr old son got a kick out of this video. He was laughing, LOUD! ( he skateboards, for real)

jamiela91 says:

I was about to give you the most important skate lecture until I seen you figured it out and got a quality board and set up skating walmart board like I like to call them will make it way harder and dangerous and a bigger guy even worse

Johny Action says:

dude I’m 37 and started skating again, only learned ollies 15 years ago and now I’m doing pop shuv-its, ollies and general messing around. I need to get on my board more often to make things easier, I’m sure with enough practice you will maybe learn some tricks. Don’t think your size will stop you so keep on pushing…

Speedy Volcan says:

after 7 years break I’m learning to skate again. I had to drive far away to sake. finally a company built a skate park on the roof of their shopping center 🙂 it takes only 10 min to drive there. I’m 32

ManChild says:

SUBBED! Wicked slammo dude ouch. I’ just learning too and I have some skate vids too if you have some time to check them out.

Cranes Comics says:

DUDE keep it up man you doing great. Im 31 and just started myself you got a new sub man!

Dane Tippman says:

Neat camera work and editing in this video as usual, fun to watch dude! Cheers.

Miguel Carrasco, Jr says:

definitely learn to ride on A long board first. I think they’re much easier to ride and the squishy wheels on long boards feel much better on rough roads.

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