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starlovestarlight says:

Excellent review!!! Are you letting your hair grow out to its natural color?! That would be so rad!!!

Matevž Zver says:

volten makes same boards for 140$

Annie Wargo says:

Have you tried larger wheels on the board? I know with my longboard that was the issue I have to go from 62 to 70, just a thought

The Cookie says:

That’s not a skateboard XD

Riley Steinbrenner says:

Brittany have you heard of Kracked Skulls longboards? I got my first board from them and still rides great after six years! It has ABEC 11 wheels so it rides super smooth and has a nice turning radius compared to other boards. How’s the turning radius on your board? And the rattling of the key compartment would annoy me too!

kotesha husted says:

Apartment tour?????

Ray Cook says:

You just saved me £200 as I was gonna buy this! I didn’t think it was so heavy and scratched easily. I think I’ll just stick to my penny board 😛

Maisie Robinson says:

That is such a cool skateboard and once again amazing video!!

Bri R says:

Yes do more reviews love it and I love that board it’s so freaking sick there is a place in sd where they got a good place to ride I love to ride my board but I broke it so I can’t ride anymore sucks but what are u gonna do (: keep up ur videos I love seeing these

Joe Manco says:


ImOnTheWeb98 says:

Board reviews are awesome!

Randøm Jules says:

Like Your Sweater

epictroll says:

Brandon Wolf Hill

Alyssa Moss says:

That rug rat shirt. I would love for you and Joey to do another WSP reunion video.

EmmaAMM (minecraft unicorn) says:

I’m not sure if this is still cool to you but 2 years ago I owned a board that was orange but transparent and only $40. I can see if they still sell them if you’re interested. I think it was made by Krown.

CT Hubbard says:

No I want to see you ride the board AND talk about it. Not snippets

Ming Ming says:

Brandon wolf hill and you need to collab

Taylor Lastname says:

omg where did you get your sweatshirt? it’s amazing

Eve Banks says:

Please make a board collection!!

gregory clewell says:

I had a clear skateboard 30 years ago. it wasn’t a longboard or even a premium skateboard of the day. that thing is nice.

BeccaRose says:

Would love to hear more board reviews

Ryan Flynn says:

Cut a piece of foam to size to go in the key holder

Empire Heroes says:

Brandon…… Wolf…… Hill…….

Jaz Simone says:

It’s definitely a cutie! What about grip??? Would you say it’s easy to slip off, especially if you’re riding barefoot?

Madison Mitchell says:

i would love more board reviews!

Ana Fraile says:

Great Video! you’re amazing Brittany 🙂

G Fire says:

board collection I was interested buying the cruiser version but then I saw 121 carbon boards

Theme Parks Buzz says:

What happened to RoamIfYouMust? Out of business?

Natalie Mceachern says:

More board reviews please! As a fellow long boarder these are a fav

juna2258 says:

Great review – you hit all the important points and helped my decision making on whether to order one or not. I hadn’t even considered that it might be heavier than a wood board – or that it would be easy to get microscratches. The gopro advantage is very cool. I think you might be able to reduce the rattle of the key holder with a bit of craft foam to make the fit tighter. The other thing I’d like to see on a Jellyboard is LED light-up wheels. I think that would look pretty cool in low light riding.

The Fandoms We Ship says:

There is actually a cover to put on the top and bottom of it so it doesn’t scratch the actual glass. It is like the cover you put on a phone but for the skateboard.

tony woodward says:

omg where did you get your shirt rocket power kicks ass

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