Innovate or DIE | Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Review

We need innovation, not replication. Electric Skateboard companies need to stop playing the same song over and over.

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Alastair Drong says:

I keep hoping you’ll give the Hoyt St. board a whirl. They seem super solid.

Biased me is biased, though. They’re local to me and let me try and shoot some video of their board.

mushieslushie says:

I think the good thing about these boards is that they are common parts and easy to repair (when the warranty expires, if there ever really was one), but that’s more of a long term concern.

Chris James says:

Love these videos, Preston you are the ultimate guy from Brooklyn lol. No offence meant but the hipsters have it, And your our favorite hipster or whatever and hope to continue to see great content. So entertaining

OroNZ says:

…How did the board taste? Unique much?

Alex Tchelombitko says:


boramiNYC says:

This board is about 10s3p pack compared to all the other 10s2p packs.

Justin Forbes says:

At least you might get the new Exway to review soon. Sure, it is more of the X1, but that’s something different than a lot of other boards.

moto 1 says:

Uh oh you put die in the title DEMONIZED

Spencz says:

You deserve wayyyyy more subscribers.


Can’t we get something new? If this continues, press F for Electric Skateboarding… Press F in the comments if you agree. Shoutout to John Chicago.

Philip Austin says:


SleptOn says:

Any chance for a detailed review of the g2t? Possibly of the higher end belt driven boards?

icebaby1999 says:

Health-ade pink lady apple, best of them all, try it next time. Also question. If you want something new, what would you want on the board?

Jason Adihetty says:

It’s not YUNEEC

alschbachb says:


True Tech says:

Why you ask? well, I’m guessing that its alot like how our armpits smell horribly stomach wrenching is being actually good for people to extract the toxins to avoid any potential maladies, aside from the nausea thats coupled with or other common odors, when being located in a indoor location with no allowance for the winds of change.
As for skateboard designs, hmm.. you sound like the type to want to shake up the market and possibly will. This could ultimately lead to your producing the first ultralight long range electric board in kit form, using the graphene super thin conductive layer stacking process, and maybe a bluetooth controller that is operated by chewing on one side.
Some assembly and surgery required.

Ramen Truck says:

Maybe a teamgee board?

superhotbm says:

Nothing new? Please review Torqueboards direct drive motor kit!

James Donlan says:

Press f here here

Brandon Davis says:

There was a point while watching this video that I wanted to turn it off and write a comment about how you keep saying the “same” thing over and over in this video. Then I realized what you did there. Well played.

Chris Cabezas says:

I mean it’s the bottom of the market, not much room in price for innovation. Review a Lacroix?

moto 1 says:

The Leif board is different
Maybe try it out

Mareks GW says:

Proud to be early and first

Edit: is the paean board you have any good

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