Inboard M1 electric skateboard review

Inboard’s M1 electric skateboard is finally shipping out to Kickstarter backers, and it’s really good. Subscribe:

The $1,399 price tag is steep. But it has a sleek design, a swappable battery, and a top speed of 24 miles per hour, making the M1 a good alternative to Boosted’s top-end model.

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Bruce Wayne says:

take those retarded look spectacles off #face palm

Brian Perez says:

How does the m1 compare to the marbel 2.0?

Harambe Minion says:

They could probably do torque vectoring in the hub motors for steering if they had a multi directional joystick.

LegendLength says:

I think it’s dishonest to say they have good control over the motor through software updates. You really need to change the windings of a motor to change the way it reacts to torque. And the most efficient RPM is something that is per-motor and can only really be changed through hardware.

Avinash Sharma says:

I think I’ll wait for that Casey Neistat reveiw

Gabriel Chiararia says:

Experts to control at top speed? The bamboo deck on the Boosted is from Loaded, the most famous longboard deck brand!

charls babage says:

I’m curious how well the hub motors deal with heat and heat dissipation.

Sungwon Shin says:

its not a good eboard guys rather buy boosted, evolve, or acton

H Ca says:

Redesign the remote. Remove the touch on the underneath and increase battery. Too many things going at once.

hank hebert says:

Boosted boards are more reliable. Hub motors are the future for sure just don’t buy this POS because I’ve heard terrible things. This board is for people who can’t skateboard.

BeenPWNED says:

3:05 what does he mean by “as it rumbles at you”? i want this board

Gate Nk says:

Is there any possibility for hub motors to be implemented in rollerblades in a not-so-distant future? Jet Set Radio Future has made me want electrically powered skates since I’ve been a kid. Regardless, this is an interesting development and I wish them the best 🙂

guitarwinds says:

How much do replacement wheels cost?

MrDreamTV says:

goodbye next paycheck

Sumeel Chand says:

Please do a review of zboard 2.

relativityboy says:

Have spoken with the inboard folks. I can vouch they’re awesome. Kinda wishing I’d not already bought a Boosted.

Luca Cole says:

Transition pass cloth eeehe prescription nonprofit mayor land very approve.

turbo bro says:

bunch of p00sies riding your electric skateboards. switch heelflip down a 40 and I’ll be impressed.


if there is no kicktail, i’m not buying one no matter what it is

Ngakak Guling says:

converse ad?

Magpie Grun says:

Just get an Evolve, still the best e-boards on the market.

Untitled unknown says:

Inboard 》Boosted

Cactus Tweeter says:

That changeable battery is game changing feature in my opinion.

ksdjalrkjfes says:

Wow mall grabbing 😛


Could you review the Evolve bamboo/carbon GT? I think it has the highest top speed…

Kyle Li says:

You have to try out the Evolve GT skateboards, they are awesome!!!!

DJLoveNoise says:

The # evolveskateboards are the best products on the Market at this point in time… range 31miles and top speed 26mph…

Anonymous Ted says:

What if the wheel gets abrased by bad road condition? It means I need to change the motor inside it as well? It must be expensive AF repair.

Ramon McNally says:

I wish I could test ride this in NYC. damn.

Bugside almighty says:

I’d LOVE one of these, yet it’s too expensive for my budget

I’d buy it for like 250 tops, but that’s just the battery, oh well

Michael says:

The hub motor is as programmable as the normal belt driven motor it’s all about the internal hardware.

SebastianAsian says:

What’s real speed? What’s real range? How low is it? I have boosted v1 dual+ I like its speed/torque but the range really SUCKS. I will have maybe 10 minutes of fun riding time. It goes about 3 miles when you go full throttle. It also scratches the motor case and battery cover when I go over rough roads. I was thinking about getting evolve gt series because it’s like riding suv with those all terrain wheels. (plus better range)

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