How To Pick Your First Skateboard

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A big thanks to Konkrete City Skateboards Skateshop and Steven Page for helping me with this! If you’re in Cincy they are located at:
2109 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230

Well I’ve always gotten questions about things like this so I decided to make this video. I hope it helps out some of you who are trying to get into skating. And if you’re watching this for the heck of it, I hope you enjoyed the goofiness! Videos everyday so stay tuned!


psychventure says:

what about buying decks that are already complete?

FNAF_ Boy05 says:

I’m too poor to get a good skateboard one like =one dollar in my funds

Alok Kumar Dash says:

so cool send me a great and good skateboard

Coby Blanco says:

andy can you give me a revive skateboard i am coby i live in phillipines i am a pipino

VOX3L says:

Lol I just dropped £30 on a random-ass board that’s just below my waist and has semi-decent wheels

PerpetualJoy says:

Came for the board, stayed for Timmy from arkansas

Awesome Sauce says:

Is vans good

kellythatsme says:

Just ask for one part every Christmas and birthday, and in about 3 or 4 years you’ve got yourself your very own quality skateboard.

Honorable Undead says:

I seem to do fine on a target skateboard I just grease up the wheel adjust the trucks and bolts then I am ready to cruise down a mountain

Archana Ghosh says:

can you show us all your skateboard

ReaL BuU says:

First skateboard: 162,63$
really cheap specially if you quit after 3 mounths

Adrians Dārznieks says:

Metric much

Carter Olsen says:

I just bought one on an actual skateboard website thing their brands and the best brands the skateboard is great they also have an option to have a pre built option and they apply grip tape for you if you don’t know much about skateboards

TwentyØnePilots Urmagawd says:

Uhuhuhuhuhu i dont have a skate shop

Annie Precourt says:

For kids 6 and 7 yo, what size of board should I take?

Timothy Mautz says:

I know you tried to make this an informative video but i still have no idea what to buy. Both you and Aaron Kyro talk about wheel hardness but don’t actually explain anything about it. As a professional skateboarder you should know this information and be able to teach others about it.

Star Jerk says:

My first skateboard wase a walmart board but yesterday i got a reel skateboard soo cooool

Archana Ghosh says:

can you show us all your skateboard

TryinHARD YT says:

Can you give us the individual price of each item?

Samira Lin says:


Super Mario Family says:

I live in Cincinnati

Jake Margolin says:

Is a Vans store that sells skate stuff considered a skate shop?

Joel Francois says:

What’s a skateboard size for 13 year old

Deep Dark Mineshaft says:

where are timmy’s eyebrows?

Rayan Khan says:

Look behind Andy 3:29

Bigboarder13 All day says:

I like skateboarding but I can’t afford real stuff so I have to get Walmart boards

Nani Shin says:

I own a skatepark

Lazy Slowpoke490 says:

My skate shop is really overpriced

Mark Tuan says:

I need a skate board now….

Coby Blanco says:

no its a pilipino

Artie T says:

this video would of been good if i had watch it a day ago before i bought my 10$ complete off ebay

slug monster says:

My friend is sponsored so i can get one free

Soggy Waffle says:

What about skateboard warehouse


I’m 10 years old with 3 size shoe so it’s better for me to get 77.5

Brendan McMahon says:

Timmy needs an Oscar

Merhaba Merhaba says:

en iyi skate Shop diyo

NOVANOX117 Liam Spence says:

Wow 162$ that’s cheep, so I went to a skate shop and everything hardware, grip tape, trucks, board, bearings and wheels it was a total of 272$

Jorden Msp/Roblox says:

I dont got the money

Spoiler Warning says:

Is there West 49’s in the States? It’s like half the price of Zumiez for the same damn deck. I get all my boards there it’s so much cheaper. Also they have a massive selection of good clothes for even better prices. Gotta love Canada (although once you add tax it kinda bites you in the ass)

TheInunah says:

What if you’re not doing tricks due to a medical condition, and you’re on a budget of $50? Would a k mart board be okay then?

I would rather trust a $20 board than buying $200 in parts online (no local shop) and some arriving messed up or broken.

rainbow nerdies says:

Do you have to wear specific skate shoes in order to skate? Or can I just wear my normal converse?

Max Wright says:

$160! jesus

Cashzone5000 says:

I don’t have a skate shop what do I do

JordanStuff says:

Sam tabor looks like Andrew Garfield

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