How To Pick Your First Skate Shoe

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A big thanks to Konkrete City Skateboards Skateshop and Steven Page for helping me with this! If you’re in Cincy they are located at:
2109 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230

Well I’ve always gotten questions about things like this so I decided to make this video. I hope it helps out some of you who are trying to get into skating. And if you’re watching this for the heck of it, I hope you enjoyed the goofiness! Videos everyday so stay tuned!


France says:

But idk where to get a skate shoes
Here in New Zealand Idk where tf can I get a skate shoes

John Lonn says:

I just wear nike sb’s

Makeebel21 says:

Pay attention to your sole

Daniel Pimlett says:

Only problem for me is I’m size uk 14 so finding a skate shoe I actually like is near impossible. Only shoe I find in my size are those fuck ugly bulky dc’s… anyone have the same problem as me? lol

Alek Johnson says:

Can you use converse? high tops?

Julian Contreras says:

just buy a pair of vans

Alex Charalambous says:


skull krush says:

Just but DC or osires or vanz or nike sb those work

SomeSkiddyFilipino says:

i cant hear him over the music

Rayyan Belal says:

its not askate shoos

AJ G says:

Just wear vans… they’re great for skating and you probably already own a pair.

legofanguyvid says:

Hows Osiris Doing?

Drift 10 says:

Wait a minute am I screwed if I need orthopedic shoes

Jesse Hackworth says:

I got so many heel bruises that they blistered and can’t bruise anymore

luis perez says:

I got some thrashed pro slipons and they didn’t last like 2 weeks of ollieing

Jacob James says:

Lol I am riding a talking shoe I hade them for 4 years

Ashy Boii says:

This dude looks and acts suspiciously like aaron kyro

Sreaws says:

Oh my gosh this in my city forsure visting

Dip Dope Homeboy says:

Can I lowkey rock some Jordan 1’s when I’m skating?

Elijah German says:


Bianca Christiansen says:

I suffer a lot from heel-bruising and I don’t even skate. I wore highheels at prom and my foot was bruised for 3 weeks it sucks

Danielmeir says:

Just get some basic lightish shoes with grip most vans or any shoe works aslong as their not boots or sandals. If their not old and have grip its probfine

ジュフ痛み says:

What shoes do you recommen. Haven’t skate before but going to start it. Are vans good or what should I buy

SAS Productions says:

i know people say represent ur local skate shop. i would do if they sold good shit. years ago it use to be a very good skate shop. now its an expensive fashion shop focusing on stupid bland model nikesb’s and adidas. also they buy the products very cheap and sell at high prices, when i can search online at for products a lot cheaper plus delivery and there unique and different colour no one has. thats why i always shop online. my skate shop has very limited hardware, 3 pairs of trucks, 5 sets of wheels, 2 kinds of bearings. thats a fucking skate shop? with the rest being clothes. it is stupid and i don’t represent skate shops. even 2 seasons can go suck a dick. wheres ya enties, es, emerica, osiris, supra, globe, dvs at? thats right adidas and nike sb cock suckers.

C.12 - Gaming and more says:

I got plenty of vans I thought it’d be flat bottoms like damn I was already prepared apparently

TopJeffrey TheWhale says:

thank you Andrew Schrock for making this video so I can finally start skateboarding with perfect shoes

Wallabies says:

I skate in Crocs

Rhianna Rajput says:

Do u really need skate shoes

Vanished says:

Are adidas shoes good for skateboard shoes? Like the allstars ones

Cup Cake says:

i’ve had one good pair of skate shoes they were vans and they were free 4 free from source skate shop in canada so yeah

raptor 12 says:

I got the vans old skool cuz dey gud

ronnoc_ym_aggin 420 says:

I wear es slbs

I'm actually the Stig says:

Etnies Kingpin for me, always.

Hackers ERROR:001 says:

You should make a Revive shoe, but, made out of entirely of the rubber the toe cap is made of with cushinging in the inside of the shoe.

Fortnite IsDope says:

I’ve just started skating and I’m rocking some cheap ass Jay Jays.

Arizolax Official says:

Also the socks

Y Kal says:

Dude stop preaching I don’t care about my soul!

Phantastic81 says:

What about shoe size

Cracker Mike says:

Just ordered some shoes an didn’t realize they run small cause of the thick tougnes

Tia N says:

I just cruise so like I don’t need this fancy stuff but before I got INTO skating I bought some shoes so that’s cool

Wrath says:

If anyone is watching in 2018 and is thinking of getting converse DONT i made a hole in them try to do an ollie

Dead Decks says:

does it have to be my size?

Flying Pancakes says:

a huge misconception is high tops provide ankle “support” nope it just helps with comfort and stability and a lot of it is preference and it helps also when the board hits your ankle, but nothing at all to do with ankle sprains and what not

Jordan Smith says:

Get a normal lens jesus christ

Crank That Furry says:

This isn’t exactly a skate shoe but Adidas Sambas work super well

Eli Gonzalez says:


Positive Fool says:

Is it just called a “swift” shoe? I’m really confused…

max says:

9:24 what lens type is that?

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