How To Assemble Your Skateboard (or Die)

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To everyone who needs help with this, here you are! To everyone else, there is some skating at the end! haha. Anyway, we have all the elements to make a complete skateboard at and we definitely won’t be able to assemble completes in addition to all the normal work we do, so I made this video to help people out for now. We’re trying to solve this issue so don’t give up hope on us doing it for you! Either way, stay tuned for videos everyday!


The Tuskii says:

Hello!!! LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!!! I am having trouble with hardware. Im 13 so im tight with the $$$, so I dont want to waste money. But I was wondering if the trucks come with the bolts, or if I need to buy them separately. ANYONE PLZ HELP!!!

HarveyHunterCoasters says:

What about the riser pads

Hotbloodybacon says:

My issue the first time ever was makingsure the tape was even, it had enough length, but the side was pushed a little which made it a little hard to cut one thin side and one long side, so it was a little uneven, but still in the end i had no bubbles and did good, but the grip tape could have been a little evener around the corners.

Dominick Cantu says:

I choose die


What will putting 2griptape on a broad

Toxic Light says:

Your son is adorable

Vijay Chand says:

Thank man

Julian Contreras says:

an easier way to poke holes in the grip tape is too, grab a screwdriver and heat the tip up until it’s hot and just poke a hole from the bottom of the board since the heat from the screw driver will burn a hole right through

Abdul Aziz Hinnawi says:

Rayden is the most cutest kid in the world

Martinツ says:

your son is soo sweet

young gamer tablet says:


Darius Jerry says:

umm.. I’m 25 years old.. is it to late for me to try skateboard?

MrPoop says:

Why do you only use revive

Janna Pizza says:

Are there different sizes of trucks?


Are you supposed to always put two bearings in one wheel? I’m new to this and I ordered some skate stuff so ya

Ashley Savant says:

Can you send a. Skateboard

javaKick IDE says:


James french says:

Your kid needs a board! Get him away from scooters. Scooters are demonic.

Lord of Cinder says:

After putting a skateboard together I kinda don’t want to skate on it because I really love the different graphics, color schemes, hardware that all become one when you put it together and it just looks so good. Skateboards take alot of punishment and it kills me to see them get all that wear and tear 🙁

Angelita Cristobal says:

give away some skateboards

oblivious says:

I just love going through the comments and being helpful to the noobs

Vedomy says:

Are you serious my parents dont know what is a skate and to let them cut my griptape

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