GIRL Skateboard Deck Setup AND Review!! (8.5)

It’s finally here: Girl skateboard deck review! (+ setup) In this video, I give my honest thoughts on the board.
Dimensions for the Girl “Andrew Brophy: Oil Slick” 8.5 skateboard:
– Width: 8.5 inches
– Length: 32
– Nose: 7
– Tail: 6 11/16
– Wheelbase: 14 1/4

Thank you for being patient with my uploading schedule recently. As you might or might not know, I lost a family member a few weeks ago, which has affected me terribly. Also, I was questioning how good my videos actually are. I have ideas on how to improve now, mainly in terms of editing in more exciting ways.

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🛹 Girl “Mike Mo: Sketchy OG” 8.0 skateboard deck:
🛹 Girl “Sean Malto: Shutter” 8.25 skateboard deck:
🛹 Girl “Sean Malto: Oil Slick” 8.25 skateboard deck:
🛹 Girl “Rick Howard: Illuminated” 8.5 skateboard deck:

📹 Canon 60D:
🔎 Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM lens:
🔎 Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 SLR lens:
💡 Yongnuo YN300 Air:
🎤 Takstar SGC-598 microphone:
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– Chris


Brien Beltran says:

How about a madness board they have some sick shapes on skate warehouse sick vids


Right now I’m skating the AirWalk Neptunes. These are my first skate shoes but they feel brilliant. They fit me perfectly, they have good boardfeel, They’re easy to slip onto my leg but they still are very tight on my foot. Does anybody else here have/had a pair of Airwalks? If so what’s was YOUR experience with them?

PalenSkate says:


Jayson Ruiz says:

U always do some dope ass grip jobs

Jordan Geron says:

have u ever tried blackout decks? Great Vids!

Adventures in Skateboarding At 40 Plus says:

I am trying ES in a low top. First time i have skated either. Best shoe so far for me has been the NB 213. I skated vans hightops before that but the NBs fit my foot great. Boards. I have only skated Revive and Powell flight decks, all 8.25. My skating skill is not good enough to notice a bif difference but thr powell last me 3 to 4 times as long for only double the price. Yesterday i picked up an FA slick board, Na-kel 8.25 and finally got 148 thunders. I have been on 147s the last year, a but small but it was working. Excited to see if 148 makes any difference.

Progress Skateboarding says:

I just skate shop boards at the minute. They do the trick while I’m learning the basics. Nice review, Chris.

Josh Josh says:

You should try to use the board for at least a couple weeks to review it.

David A says:

Good looking setup and cool Indys

Zach Grundy says:

you’re a sick skater, but these grips make me cringe… keep doing your thing though man

Dig Bick says:

whyd u put griptape under the board? Bit curious

Doji Satchivi says:

yo for the “what trick do you think this is” I guessed Fakie Shove Late Flip w/ a body varial. I’m startin to know my shit ayy

Reynan Concepcion says:

I love the way you make your grip style!

Nelson Stack says:

you got a makeup advertisement cuz your videos got girl in the title lol.

Anthony Skates says:

That late back heel was so sick! I’ve used a kitchen scale in the past to weight boards. Just be sure to wipe it off before putting any food on it. Lol.

William Anderson says:

I’ve been using a cruiser for a year and I have been thinking of getting a trick skateboard. Thanks for the help in making my decision.

rroollfallen says:

I used to love girl decks back in the day. I had a koston in 2003 and it felt awesome. I got a Chocolate about a year ago and I didn’t like it that much. The tail was short to my taste. Primitive has a good shape (I like the nose so nollie tricks felt great) but its not too long lasting and krooked shape was awesome in the tail but not so much in the nose as nollie tricks didnt feel as good. I really dont know which one is my favorite :/

Bri Duran says:

Such a sick video!

Skateboarding101 says:

Great tricks man!!! Awesome stuff!

Alex Cullen says:

I’m skating a girl rn. I want to skate so bad but I tweaked my ankle the other day and I was already wearing an ankle brace.

Troy Hawkins says:

Great! bro I have always skated Alien workshops and Element decks I have recently started trying other decks I plan on buying a girl deck. I have tried plan b now and death wish and they seem ok but still not as good as the element and aws decks. How is the concave on girl decks?

swift _tortiose says:

Keep doing these reviews and u should do a video on the top 5 boards u skated

Franko T says:

shafter skatepark.

Bruh On god says:

So for the almost skateboard did it have as much pop as a plan b skateboard

noah frace says:

Love the videos !

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