Girl Skateboard Deck Review

This is what I have to say about Girl Skateboards.
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Outro Song: Throttle – Boombox


julian ballantyne says:

@Gavin McLeod no one cares if you wanna suck his dick to be like him aight

Ratman says:

I’m riding an enjoi 7.75 deck tensor tens trucks bones reds enjoi bolts and bones 100s wheels

Văn Trần says:

MADE IN CHINA. All I need to say.

Joseph007300 says:

Take those stupid ads off

Feint Football says:

Guys girls use maple wood from China, otherS use maple wood if you don’t believe me ask your local skate shop

jacemarteez says:

I’d say REAL and GIRL the two best companies in the industry, they have both have a good image, they both treat their riders well (as far as I can tell) and their boards are sick (in my opinion) and let’s not forget their riders

kG Solar says:

Went from real to girl… Worst decision of my life

Danny Hernan says:

Nice graffiti’s!!

Randy Beltran says:

I like 8″ decks, my shoe size is 9.5. Recently bought a Mike Mo complete with Independent 159’s & bones 100’s.
Can’t wait to ride it. Good video, man

April Sebastian says:

Is element skateboards really good??

Ryan Watts says:

Don’t think I’ve ever skated out a Girl deck, they always snap on the most simplest tricks :/

Still love their shapes though

Danny Hernan says:
Random Hannah says:

Do they have a boy board ?

Gilbert Valencia says:

i love it

Cristiano Santos says:

Check out my nike satire shoe review

Jay Gartner says:

where do you live sash????

jakeginge84 says:

Try Almost.

IlikeEmerica96 says:

Crailtap also has lakai under them. I am riding a skate mafia board right now.

gabe vancoonis says:

this gut has no idea what hes talking about

Gavin McLeod says:

I was hooked on girl for the longggest time

The ReckfuL says:

does anyone know what side is the tail on girl boards

baer schuman says:

Skate a Real board. They never get soggy and have the best shape

SanderAllstar says:

Did you watch fast fingers 18?

alex says:

I loved girl decks back in my Popsicle days haha I think I might just have to get one again

PAtrick Cristofer says:

Review the enjoi deck!!

blitz crank says:

Dude I was just watching that video where you unboxed and dit a setup you are wird as shit boy

joshua andrade says:

I only skate girl rn I got Rick Howards pro deck so far my favorite deck

Omar K. says:

yes 12th comment love ur videos sasho keep it up

yell0wheadb0x says:

i feel like girl boards are the best boards i’ve owned

bananas premium says:

Mine broke after like 2 months

Diego Molina says:

Mac demarco

Henry eager says:

Love your vids. Been here since the beginning!

Mesca Littleeagle says:

What is noes mean I have always wondered

Edwin Najee Debrakins says:

Sasho u should try real skateboards

Kyler Iacino says:

whats a board with crazy shape? i dont like mellow

cali4orniasunbaby says:

woe the money goes to the pro? that’s awesome! I thought it just went to the company

Chap Turner says:

I’m riding a expedition one boart 8.25

Liqueh says:

atm im skating a skate mental its going well but im considering switching back to a deathwish board or 3D

Annie Yan says:

When I had my Girl Board, it felt quite light. Sick review sasho!

Ryan Bowling says:

you’re wearing the same hoodie that you wore when you got that deck

Tinsky Live says:

I’m skating an element Nyjah Huston deck 7.75 thunder low trucks bones wheels reds bearings my dream setup

sarzan lorenzo says:

Man you never did a review on that palace board you had. So could that be your next review?

bananas premium says:

Ive been riding a 8.00 girl for 2 weeks now and so far im loving it.

Alpha Prodigy or Fergy says:

I’m riding a 7.5 krooked board with anchor trucks, grizzly grip, 52mm krooked wheels and redz bearings.

Jaydin Meinzer says:

I am currently riding a alien workshop deck 8.125. Spitfire formula fours 101. Bones swiss bearings. Indi trucks. Diamond hardware. Jessup. Bones bushings!

Joe Warden says:

Get a fabric deck next

Brianmiw says:

Im skating a Real Ishod Wair deck 8.00 shake junt griptape. Solid deck

SkaterMontez says:

Nice review I ride a zoo york btw

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