This is my take on the one of the most popular brands out there.


Sol Coburn says:

Would you please review a Polar deck, I really like my current 8.38 from them

Monty Carlo says:

Ben every one of the FA boards has a different shape depending on the pro model

Anthony Skates says:

“It’s over.” lol. I don’t keep up with trends to notice them. That switch heel off the launch was beautiful!

El Bz says:

Ben Degros continues to make us all schmarter skaters.

Matt Martyn says:

gotta try one

BChanslor says:

I used to like FA and Hockey because of the squared off nose and tail and the steepness of the nose. I liked how the sides of the board remained straighter past the wheels, leading up to a more square nose. It was better for my nollies I thought.
However I lost any and all interest I may have had in either brand when they stopped using PS Stix as their manufacturer.

Thomas An says:

I never was so psyched to watch a board review so fast.

kelvin klein says:

dude the end had me dying

Luis Quintero says:

Wknd board please, I think you will like them


Great vid as usual. For some reason, ripndip is huge for the kids in my area. I just dont get it haha.

…I feel old.

chill bruh says:

No t gonna lie bruv. I didn’t hear much of what you said lol. The skating is artistic and a beauty. But have you already reviewed the non abrasive grip?

lauro delima says:

Hey Ben where do you live?

awolf208 says:

Maybe this has been answered, but what’s an underground?

Dino Vlahopoulos says:

Hey Ben how do you like those new balance shoes? I’ve been thinking about trying a pair.

ironknuklez says:

Another great video. Cheers for the quality content

cam BOYD says:

Try a doom sayers club deck!

EJ Lopez says:

I loved FA boards for backside 360s, but they ruined my switch and nollie game haha. Every time I’d try to do something I’d never pop because the nose was so steep.

Kyle Mclean Reeve says:

I like these shapes , I can skate a smaller size and still feel comfortable.

Fat and Depressed says:

Doomsayers! I’m from Sacramento

Eric Donohue says:

I gotta ask about those socks. Are they Thorlos? If they are, please review them. I recently discovered Thorlos socks and they are life changing.

eman tejada says:

after a long tiring day… watch this.. ben degros videos and a cup of coffee.. love it

juan doe says:

supernauts where heavy too.

Jazz G says:

FA boards and Quasi boards have very similar shapes and they’re by far my favorite shapes.

Allan Reyes says:

Good review, didnt know FA’s that popular this days..your inspirational to watch skating man..if you could ride one setup for good, what will be the brand & specs?..& are you related to Ted deGros?

emoney says:

love your switch heels and tres

ThiagoSaiz says:

you kinda skate like lucas puig, in my opinion hehehe

Jordan O'Meara Skateboarding says:

I like the look of the shape. Reminds me of some some of the boards I had as a kid

Blake M Hall says:

3.2k views and zero dislikes! You’re doing something right!

mark britto says:

holy shit you killed it dude

AceCOman says:

I could watch you skate all day! Style for days!

Jacki Boi says:

when is ur review on the new balances coming out?

tim k says:

What woodshop do you think it’s from?

Chris Frantz says:

That looks like a board I would like. I prefer big, steep noses. Might have to try one this year and review it. Anyway, awesome review. Your switch game is incredible!

Timmy Johnson says:

Holy Effword!!!! Dude you have progressed so much it is amazing! sick board

xX12VincEXx says:

4:16 We caught him mongopushing! :O Nice Session 😉

12:55 In Germany it’s snowy right now 😐

Carl Ray says:

Loved this for sure! Keep doing what you do, man. Current favorite channel on YouTube without a doubt.

will fill says:

that sw frontside flip at 4:21 was clean Ben (:

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