Enjoi Impact Plus Skateboard Deck Review

This is my thought on the Impact Plus boards made by Enjoi, bare in mind this was filmed before I broke it.
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Outro Song: San Holo – Victory [Monstercat Spotlight]


Sebastian Haukås says:

All the boards i’ve had has broken in the middle XD Btw… I prefer the double impact over the impact plus. It’s super light and it’s the only board i haven’t been able to snap

herion father says:

enjoi is ass. I mean don’t get me wrong there a sick team Louie and Zack shred but there boards are just go weak. I got a pressure crack in 2 days all I did was flatground makes no sense. they razor tail so fast too. but good pop tbh.

MartiniSkateboarding says:

Nice review!

James Fender says:

How much

Sam says:

Can’t wait for FSITLO Friday!!!

Grant Collins says:

in your reviews, show clips of what you are reviewing and how much it costs

Greg Mies says:

Oi, desk park came out, when’s skate park coming out?

Austin Urlocker says:

nice review man, have to say I love that outro song. it’s tight.

Anthony Dietz says:

I have the tech deck for that board

Derek Palacios says:

Love the hair bro.

Jarizle88 says:

I’m not a fan of “resin” glue they use because it’s harder than the woodplys, sounds like a good thing but not really. It doesn’t let the wood expand/contract to absorb impacts from hitting walls, fences, other boards, etc.. I believe this is the reason why they chip so easily.

noel sc says:

Sick, I would like to see a asid crew skate edit soon though!

Dylan Lamb says:

thanks for the video
please sub to me im doing a unboxing on this vid soon when it comes

Carolina Cimatti says:

How much is it?

Life of Unboxorials says:

Cheers for the review man. I’m defs going to pick one of these up! Is it a heavy deck by the way?

Reece Schutt says:

You ever think of trying shock pads +Sasho Dotchev? they rock. Less wheelbite and more support. Only like 3 dollars at the most at a shop

Joe Dwyer says:

I’ve been skating deathwish decks for a while now but I’m thinking of picking up one of these..

Geoffrey Zoref says:

The gold standard for me is retaining pop for as long as possible.

Jay19 says:

is it heavy

Dan Rossino Chris says:

Are you becoming persian prince or somthing wtf is going on with your hair man

Alex Walendzik says:

How long did it take to snap because my emoji snapped in a month

TheGalavantingGeeza says:

do a video on how you do griptape art

RedPwnster says:

I watched this whenever it says no views. So i guess first.

Omar K. says:

when are u gonna do the solitude board review

volcanope says:

Nice review

codfantasies says:

My boards always snap in the middle

ap2pat says:

I skated the Enjoi 8.25 Saw deck impact plus. I broke mines after 6 months of skating hard and I weight 210lbs. I landed truck stand trying to kickflip and the nose didn’t break but the ply’s separated and little chunks are falling out. The tail and the rest of the board are still pretty much perfect apart from some razor tail but the nose now flexes way to much and feels like it will break soon. I was surprised how many times I landed off the kicked or a drop bad and was just in shock that it didn’t break over and over again. I think I just want to get the same deck again since it lasted long and it’s what I am used to. Do people always change up their decks or stick with one they like?

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