The brand new Raptor 2 electric skateboard. Here’s a quick review!

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The best electric skateboard ever made! Certainly one of the fastest and sturdiest, yet one of the quietest and most reliable so far.


Damnmari o says:


Andrew Lin says:

3500 subscribers??? I only see 162 subscribed. Lying to kids??? Shame.

Mo7amed678 says:


Adrian Mok says:

Hey Aaron – thanks for making this video! (But please wear a helmet in future :P) – Regarding the rear lights, you can use a Penny boards tail light from Shredlights. https://enertionboards.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000902634-Where-can-I-find-lights-that-fit-the-Raptor-2-

Mo7amed678 says:

Do you remmber me i was the kid ho was with you

mrcoreystennis says:

what type of lights did you put on the board and where did you get the lights and how did you mount the lights on your board?

Mr_ Pro_ Gamer says:

Nice wnna skate sometimes? I have skateboard.

Rajesh Gawali says:

I want to buy, but how and from where !

SuperFuzzmonkey says:

Nice video dude. I ordered mine in July 17 and am still waiting. Shipping updates keep changing and I’m expected to get it in March now. July 18 is a long time away if your order is anything to go by. I can’t bloody wait for it. I hope the wait is worth it. Do you think the wait was worth it and did you ever consider cancelling your order to get another make board at all?

Will Moody says:

This is like a Top Gear episode on the Raptor 2.

Gabriel Del Pino says:

Nice video man, very fun to watch!, get a helmet soon! cheers!

Simon L says:

Helmet mate

Michael HaZe says:

Id love to see more

Rajesh Gawali says:

Cost in ₹ ?

Nitish Gupta says:

yo u should come to Dubai once and we cld go for a ride. I have a backfire 2 which i bought 4 months ago and i wld love to try out the raptor 2

Hobby Njoroge says:

How long did it take to get it in Dubai

Michael HaZe says:

How freely do the wheels spin ? Do they limit the top speed goin down hills

Raynell Holmes says:

I ordered my board on Nov 3 2017 before i knew anything about the wait and delays. Enertion support projected I’d get my board in march. Now they say april/may. Guess that means ill get it by Christmas 2018.

Dario Brivio says:

Were you charged with custom duties? I am also in the UAE

Doug Webb says:

I don”t ride it like a skateboard anymore. I strapped it to the rear wheel of a Mongoose kick scooter and it rides so much better. I am able to hit top speed so much easier too. I had to take off the front trucks. It is more safer now because I have more control of it than before.

Doug Webb says:

I received mine about a month ago. I was #200 on the waiting list. I ordered it in January 2016 but still have not rode because I am too scared to ride. I previously broke my wrist on a genesis electric skateboard. I had to got to the hospital and took a year for me to fully recover. These things are no joke they are seriously dangerous. The only way I will have the courage to ride is if I am on smooth pavement with helmet, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads and even then I will probably not go into R-Spec mode.

jeff st.amand says:

no respect for a sacred place

Aaron Short says:

We need 2000 likes for the kids!

Black Phillip says:

Great eboard but way too heavy. It’s heavier that my Evolve GTX with AT wheels.

biocybernaut says:

Where’s your helmet?!

FarEastTech says:

Was the board sent to u?

Michael HaZe says:

This is definitely the best video of the Raptor 2 by far

Travis Sellers says:

I’m thinking about purchasing an electric board for daily use and as a commuter alternative. I’ve been looking at this board and a few others. What would you recommend?

Tommy Gunderson says:

Hey guys! Wanna get the Raptor 2 for $100 off? Use my link and we both get $100 credit towards a new Raptor 2! https://bit.ly/2MstozV

Michael HaZe says:

Also if u want a rear light u need to use shred light for penny bored single rear

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