Electric Skateboard Spectra Pro Review **UPDATE

So I got some feedback on my last review on the Electric Skateboard by Walnutt. The Spectra Pro is a great skateboard and I am happy with my purchase but I have some details you will want to learn from this video and recommendations if you plan to purchase an electric skateboard over boosted board. This review is after several days of experience on the board and now with more detailed feedback.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask! would love to answer them.

The first video about the Spectra Pro


Patrick Channel says:

Great job Joshua! I can’t wait to get my Advanced

曾皓辰 says:

I start regretting to buy this absurd prototype.
The 3D foot gesture is a big joke! Sometimes it accelerate and won’t stop even if I jump out of the board! Whenever I want to go fast, it always brake. Whenever I want to stop, it keep accelerating. Of course, I followed all the instructions.
It’s heavy to carry, cumbersome to skate like a normal board. My transportation experience get worse comparing to walking!

Avey Ovo says:

Can I have it ? Please

Mike Cane says:

It’s been a month. Any more riding? Would like some videos. Range test, riding, how 3D Step is versus the app. Thanks.

justjared135 says:

Yeah this board is complete trash. Feel free to PM me I’ll help you file a dispute with Walnutt Tech

There’s a reason why he didn’t post footy of him riding it

Lillian says:

It’s nice to hear your perspective because I’m not a skateboarder either and just got mine today. Your points at 3:05 and 3:48 are what’s making me second-guess my decision. I noticed that also, and have only tried it indoors due to their strict return policy. I can only see using this on non-crowded streets. And I bought the backpack. I am a female but I lift weights. It still felt heavy on my back. Update: I’ve gotten the hang of it and ride it almost daily home from work using the app remote. It rocks.

eric folmer says:

Video is mad ghey

Spencer Burnett says:

I wanted to watch you ride it to see the improvement.

bull shiyot says:

I was wondering where all the late 80’s guido’s where hiding. You gotta be one of their offsprings.How’s your dad been?

Austin Yang says:

Bro, go downhill instead of talking a lot, lol

Ivan Lo says:

my spectra mini is broken after few times of riding it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb_vmbbRv88

Posey the Cat says:

Do you think that the SPECTRA Silver is a better board for beginners? How much falling did you do for the scratches to appear?

Bilibili攻AcFun受 says:

plz make videos of riding it for 10 minutes, i will definitly give likes about that. Just talking does not help.

Andy Fine says:

Can you show how it goes up hills please? Hopefully to where it won’t go anymore…

2dthoughts says:

Good vid
With the stubby wheelbase I would worry about stability. I know you don’t have much to compare it to, but does it feel stable to you?

Ali P. says:

Hi! Are you having breaking concerns after the newest update from Spectra? Many other backers shared this concern and spectra has since released an update for the board.

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