Electric Skateboard Review – LandWheel

This is my NEW FAVORITE THING to do.
Land Wheel https://goo.gl/FVb6kV
HINT: Check out PRICE for EU and US. Sometimes one is cheaper. It is a switching power supply and a standard shaver cord, so swapping a cord could save you some serious cash.

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hdman97 says:

Pretty cool, but does it run Kodi? Lol

Andrew Wheway says:

That’s one helluva front drive 😉

Drunken Punk 800 says:

Haulin ass!

Richard Houghton says:

That looks awsome

T Perry says:

Much as I love your Kodi videos, I am really digging these other kool tech ones your showing. Great work and review.

Sgt Serenity says:

OMG we have come a long way since the Hippity Hop !

im2crafty says:

this is a product for TECH CONNECT in hawaii!

Cameron Kord says:

How many times can you say “emergency room!”

Mark Langenkamp says:

That is really cool! Having grown up in southern California, I do miss sidewalks and pedestrian-focused terrain. None of that exists where I live now–in southern Alabama. Oh well, I’ll have to live vicariously through others. Thanks!

SilverShadow2LWB says:

Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the video. Can it be ridden passively like a regular skateboard when the charge is completely gone? How does it do in small puddles? Thanks

Peter Carcione says:


Cholas Bucich says:

Waaay bad azz !! I would love to try it out!!!! Ahhhhh im just jelly as Fawk over here!!!

Cholas Bucich says:

I weigh 255.. on a good day lol. what you think?? Im totally down!!!

Cholas Bucich says:

Looks like it cruises Pretty damn good!!

alonzo nino says:

hey peter you should check exodus live tv apk i think ppl will like it pretty decent http://www.kodiconfig.com/tvfree might be a good review to do for everyone as always keep up the great work

Caldwell Comics says:

You were charging it dude..good job!

ZombiesPlayground says:

i will love to ride one of them haha looks fun budd i seen a guy on youtube hes big on them his name is casey neistat he made aladdin magic carpet out of his it was cool

Tashiro Sato says:

Great video Peter

Joe McIntyre says:

Hi Peter, off topic, do you know if the Team ZT have and update soon, looks like various things are not working. I had thought they were going to push an update, yesterday, 9th Sept 2017? Not sure if they are US Eastern Seaboard based and have other things on their mind!!! Kindest regards. Joe.

Daniel Sparks says:

That looks crazy fast! I’d need full body gear lol.

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