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IssacSkateVids says:

inward heel flip

JD WuBzz says:

There pretty new

parker griggs says:

are those trucks low or high?

Jack Combes says:

+Epicshreders101 how light is the deck I last had a Deathwish would u say it’s lighter than that

Randy Beltran says:

Is DGK a new Skateboard company? Thinking about buying a complete board from Ebay.

Jack Simonson says:

Do a kickflip to rock to fakie on a half pipe and can you do a review on your wheels cause I’m planing on getting new wheeles

Nathaniel Davies says:

Great vid

papa franku says:

Dragon flip

Hotchner Pittman says:

Are you Canadian little dude?

ReaZonix Playz says:

y great video man keep up the good work i can probaly make you guys a new channel art but yours is still good

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