Deathwish Skateboards Wear Test, Board Review, AND Skating! | Honest Skateboard Deck Reviews 2017

Deathwish Skateboard Wear Test, Board Review, AND Skating! | Honest Skateboard Deck Reviews 2017
Note that this board might have been warped, which would explain why it felt so weird. Thanks to DCM14 for pointing this out.

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My name is Chris Frantz. I’m a skateboarder who strives to spread positivity and motivate others. I post videos of my progression in skateboarding and honest, in-depth skate product reviews and trick tips. My goal is to show the importance of doing what you love and having fun and to help fellow skaters.

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Chris Frantz says:

Boards that I want to try: Baker, Numbers, FA, Anti-Hero, Girl

Miky Santos says:

Do a review on real skateboards please

Tom Snyder says:

yo chris if you care check out my pop shove it 50-50 skateboarding video and I would stop talking to baker4life that kid a faggot bro look at my ollie up a 2 stair he trollin the shit out of me just a friendly warning

Ayden DeMarr says:

Are they expensive?

DCM14 says:

Chris by looking at this board from a phone I’m almost positive I can see that the board is warped. Hold the board by the nose and put the tail on the ground in front of you. Put the graphic side facing away from you and see if the nose concave lines up right with the tail concave. If it looks like it’s twisting a little that means the board is warped and it’s going to make skating feel way different and make all the tricks feel weird. It will also cause your board to pull to one side really hard

OhighO Skater says:

Good video man!

devin rando says:

have u review revive

Zac s says:

Review a fucking awesome deck, I really wanna try one

Charlie Reid says:

Baker!!!!! Next

Siege says:

Don’t forget illegal civ and birdhouse also come out of bakerboys dist. yeah I’m good on their boards I don’t like heavy at all, of course I rock smaller boards anyways but light as possible for me…I had a baker a while ago it didn’t seem that heavy but who knows maybe the wood you got was a bit more dense. Good solid review bro.

LeNzxCalibur says:

baker boards are a pretty normal weight

Billy Hanning says:

That switch 50-50 down that small handrail was insane! I’ve skated a few deathwish boards a few years back, and I remember liking them, but they snapped pretty quickly.

PalenSkate says:

the kinked curb looks awesome! I would love to skate a curb like that!

Gabe. zoomy says:

just subbed ❤

zStokedNick says:

Good review dude!

dxmanforlife2000 says:

do an anti hero board. unless you already have done one. I’m. not buying a new deck yet but I might try an anti hero deck next if I need to get a new one.

Jamermcgoof Goff says:

deathwish are pretty heavy….but baker has a mellower concave, and heroin skateboards are actually quite lighter at least the one that I picked up

Paddy Griffin says:

sick vid

Toaster Burns says:

Review a board from Kosten and Joslin( I think) new board company i think its call numbers or something

Paul Taylor says:

Wow dude switch 50 down the rail was INSANE!!!

FinallFaith says:

All the baker boards I’ve had feel real good I liked them a lot but I idn if it was just me but mine snapped real easily all 3 of them. Also how long does a board usually last you..?

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