Chris Chann | Skateboard Setup 2

Many people request that I do a skateboard setup video again so here it is! What’s your ideal skateboard setup?

Heres a recap of my skateboard components

Griptape: Grizzly
Hardware: Diamond
Wheels: Force (52mm)
Trucks: Thunder lights (highs) but I usually skate lows :]
Bearrings: Andale(swiss)
Board: Primitive (8.0″)

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Filmed by Jaime Luis



RjGetzLit23 says:

dude.. I fucking love you.. no homo…

Marcus Van says:

the fact that this video is 4:20 makes me giggle

Kody123 says:

Props on giving your board to random kids! Keep doing your thing man

The Cempire says:

This made my day I love it ESPESIALLY when Himie fell lol

Leonardo Dimas says:

Wats the song called

ohh rafiq says:

would you like to come to Malaysia

Ilium Hannah says:

Dream deck

Youtuber MasterProHQi says:

chirs please give me a skateboard can!!!!? please I Live in singapore ok yishun ok

LsGripx YT says:

can you give me a skateboard ?

Berto San says:

who’s watching in 2017

Dr Lies says:

Holy shit, what is this awesome remix of “All Apologies”??

PureGaming177 says:

This video needs to be ONE second longer

g0re l0ck says:

right zero

Jack Gaspar says:

the ending song is jay Buggs Switch Up Remix but i cant find it

Mario Gonzalez says:

anyone else think that sesh at the end was badass?

Matthew. Krol says:

Lil bear

Raging Red says:

i have that board as a tech deck

Trash Can says:

the stickers are my favourite part. always.

Madara Uchiha says:

song pls

Shaggy Rogers says:

THat all apologies remix got me confused but its actually alright

chevy_datboi says:

What are your sponsors

Drippy Snipez says:

alien workshop
local shop hardware
venture trucks og
spitfire formula four
super reds

z3thyvl0gz says:

Song name?☜(˚▽˚)☞

kittendude1 says:

why was all apologies remixed no wtf chris

Sean Latham says:

Why can’t all security guards be like that

Hank Yusko says:

Who else saw the sticker fly away at 0:41

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