Recently tried a Blackout Skate deck and LOVE IT! Figured I would share my find! Available at Zumiez!


El KHALIFA says:

Im size 12 and i cant ride nothing below 8.125

Kennedy Kennedy says:

cheep boards are no different they just aren’t pro models

Walter Harris says:

What brand and size are those wheels?

Liam Kelly says:

looks a little thick

Dan white says:

Skate America, another website that has good deals too.

Andrew F says:

my skate shops sells pro boards for 79.99. Canada sucks! 

Elfornando says:

I don´t know why you haven’t comments but I’m want to be the first :3 because your video is good and long that is really great for me because I’m looking for a blackout deck, but tell me if you use that deck yet and if you can show me a recent picture of it. thank you 🙂

jacques shelton says:

I think u got a better deck than me because I’ve only had mine for 2 days and the plys split from flat ground tricks

Yonatan Worknech says:

בסדר או ממש ממש אבל ממש מעפן !!!!!!!

Erik P says:

I usually buy these decks I don’t skate much else I’ve tried several brands and really on like real and blackout it took forever for it to snap I had it for 6 months till it finally broke bought another one and still have it. They chip pretty easy I feel like I chip boards easy and frequently always on the nose on the bottom in the corner and tail on top but they are great skateboards I skate them and have been for a little over a year I’ve had 2 just got a third one today.

LowBudget Productions says:

blind are good budget board it was my first deck till I switch to stereo

ThatCelticsFan says:

I just recently got my board from zumiez for 30 dollars and it’s so amazing. It’s a Superior brand deck and I got mob grip. So amazing. It’s Just like the pro models as well.

Liam Kelly says:

i actually think ive seen a guy riding this deck at my local park

Karl trembath says:

minologos are some of my favorite boards. had a slick and it was amazing

MKdayz says:

should i get a blackout deck or a superior?!?! idk which one i should get.

D Lion says:

what size wheels dk you ride

Notahero121 says:

Your mic is beast

I_bombhills says:

How long did this board last

Paul Nguyen says:

Super reds black shield is super reds

Douglikeahole says:

so whats the weight like? it looks pretty hefty to me and im just wondering if thats just my eyes or not

Zac Hill says:

You sound like tony hawk

L3nny says:

how much was it and where did you find it?

Will Polak says:

How the fuck did u ride a 7.75 with size 12 feet?

QU4S1 says:

burn zumiez burn

Vafeteri says:

found a 7.75 deck dude

Shorty Sk8 says:

your board look like you do no tail slides do you do them now?

Hunter Moore says:

Lol im 13 and i wear size 12 too

Marco Arce says:

A shop deck at the local shop is 40 bucks…. While the mall store always has decks for 29 bucks in the bins…. Even pro decks that couple months old…. Wont spend more than 40 bucks for a deck……

kyle dingman says:

black out decks are the best in my opinion. 

Michaela Leigh says:

Loved this vid! Will have to try it out some day! I currently have 2 Mike Carroll Girl boards 🙂

ykeleboy808 says:

try a superior deck next

Cooper Sayers says:

I got mine at zumiez too

Joel Langton says:

I don’t have a nirvana tattoo…

Hello says:

nice nirvana tattoo

Yung Christ says:

I bought a blackout 7.5 at zumiez for like 25 bucks and just put the shit from my old board on there. and and it has lasted me for awhile man. I have thunder hollowed trucks and spitfire wheels with the Reds berrings. Probably the lightest I’ve had in a while. I love it pretty sweet lasted longer than I expected too.

Sirhan Soffian says:

Nice blink tat

Mc Stoner says:

i am skating a diamond element nyja Houston and it is a amazing deck I was at zumies and picked up one of these decks I haven’t skated it but it looks sick

Necrovilegedon says:

Nowadays you could get cheap but good skateboards from recognized brands, I´ve seen, zoo york, airwalk, habitat, darkstar, santa cruz, element, birdhouse and other complete pro decks that goes from 40 to 80 dollars, Im getting mine within a week for 40 dollars


I skate 7.75 too. I also skate 8’s. I like them both. 8’s are easier to do tricks on, 7.75’s are more maneuverable and easier to flick around IMHO. So I like all size decks lol.

kyle kalldian says:

i had this same deck it wasnt bad at all

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