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Crazy James

My camera

Joakim Karud




Can i have that

ezekiel peppers says:

oh no brett dont let these red shirt wearing scientologists brainwash you into making stupid fucking buzzfeed tier youtube skate videos. They are the tumors of the skate industry. sorry for the harsh truth

Samuel Clark says:

You look like a grown Carl ghallaker from shameless lmao

TARUJI says:

I see you Brett w/ the SF shirt. (:

JAYRETRO17 says:

I have the same problem with fluorescent lights but I don’t get dizzy my vision just gets super blurry

zmwoob says:

i also cannot stand fluorescent lighting. it is the worst!

CheezeCakee says:

maybe james a astigmatism if his eyes hurt due to the position of the fluorescent lights

Crazy James says:

eyyeaeyyeaayeaea boyeyeyeyyeyeyeyey

Chad Caruso says:

I understand James with becoming attached to an outfit

LocalShaper says:

was james wearing that same thermal in puerto rico?

Cody Jensen says:

I’m with James. I wear the same outfit everyday. I feel great in it and it’s one less decision I have to make in a day.

ZolveSkate says:

I get so excited when I get Brett’s notification

Opticaljewel 314 says:

Great vid my boy

Matt Britos says:

Brett back at it again with another video.

Alexei Orlov says:

“Bubble tea”

David Gantt says:


Elijah Wise says:

I was so excited when I saw you in the braille video

mike massey says:

I feel like gonz and crazy james would be great friends

MPT says:

That’s so dope that you got to go to Braille! keep up these awesome videos man!

Savanna Fleming says:

You’re all types of adorable

John Thomas says:

shredddddddd it Brett

Richie juarez says:

dude how are not getting more veiws than everyone you are like the only dude doing east coast blogs as dope as you

Rabbit says:

Just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me everyday Brett, you’re the reason I started skateboarding! 🙂

Susie Cheong says:

new subscriber trying to skate ahh buying my board ahh you and a lot of your friends inspired me to skate again THANK YOU

Kelly Wakasa says:

Who’s Braille?

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