Can a fat guy Skateboard?!?! and Almost Resin 7 board deck review

In this video I give advice to my fellow big people about skateboarding and review my favorite boars almost resin 7’s. Thanks for watching


Seba says:

thanks <3 thank you <33333

Duncan Ferguson says:


Stephen Kowalski says:

What’s your height and weight?

Skyler Bond says:

Also I would recommend Ricta pro Speed rings. They are legit!

Rodney Rawlings says:

yeah a while back I was 250 lbs and would snap boards like a tooth pick. I had good luck with the almost double impact boards

Axel Mora says:

I just chuckle when I’m told I’m too big to skate

Hope to be back on my board soon, been a month and a half (had my appendix removed)

Keep at it bro!!!!!!!!!

brightful5 says:

thanks bro

The KaBooms says:

Dude, I am 45, ^ft 2 265, I havnt been on a board since i was 17. I WANT SO BADLY to get back on, I skated as a Teenager and was pretty damn good at Street skating. I miss that feeling when skating. I will be shopping around for a board soon, I so just want to get my last set up ( hosoi hammerhead, indy trucks, slimeballs wheels) as when i was a teenager.

Reality Reptiles says:

Thank you.

Camnok says:

I weigh like 260. something crazy haha i don’t snap boards unless im doing something stupid. i snaped my last deck on flat with a dank ollie

iiHaveSmallWood says:

Getting back into skating myself after 7 years and I definitely put on some pounds throughout the years. Still have my old set up which is a 7.5 Zero which I can tell won’t hold up to the task. Going to try a Resin 7 and get back to it. Appreciate the video man!!

Chris Meard says:

good video man

Leandro Mendonça says:

Im starting skate boarding…im also fat..and im older…rsrs (39)
find your videos …its is inspration…keep doing it….
maybe ill post somethnig to here from Brazil….
thx bro

Chewee Binkss says:

I’ve always felt self conscious, but myself being 200 lbs and 5″7 isn’t very bad, but everyone is usually bone skinny and It’s hard to get over that, but this really helps

Skyler Bond says:

Good review! Try Cliche I skate those almost exclusively, and they are indestructible, and the pop is insane. I skated an almost impact light, and it was decent. It didn’t have as much pop as the cliche o have been skating. I weigh 215lbs. Cliché is resin 7 as well with a 30 day guarantee against breakage. Also I love flip p2 decks.

Dudehomie Gaming says:

yo man i TOTALLY get you, i weigh 250 i even tho i dont look like 250 i have that mentally of people judging me, when they really dont

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