BoostedBoard vs OneWheel vs Landwheel L3-x – Electric Skateboard Reviews

Electric Longboard Comparison. What type of e-board is best for your needs.
Updated Review Here including 4WD Landwheel


TheKryptoniteGamer says:

Hey you should change the wheel of the onewheel into an off road one with tread (there’s a YouTube video of someone doing that). Here’s the link to it: /watch?v=w4_736KQyeQ&t=772s
*just add it to the end of the normal YouTube dot come*

and also i think I’ve seen you on the electric skateboarding Reddit lol hi

Brendan_636 says:

Touching the terminals wont do anything bad to your fingers..

Kasandaopolis says:

Hi Alexander. I left you a pretty length reply when you said you saw no regenerative braking. Then you followed up that you did see it on a later attempt. In any case, the invitation is still open should you like to join us in the esk8 builders forum.

Send me a message inside the forum to @pkasanda and I’ll invite you to a private thread of L3-X owners.

paintballmonkey666 says:

So Having riden both (this question goes to anyone) Would you say get a one wheel or get a boosted board? (for daily to work travel and getting groceries ect)

Jan Bateman Temple says:

The + is easier than the v1. Bigger foot sensors. More dialled in

the guy the name says:

You left out the cheap strap that goes on the side makes it easy to carry you also left out the fact that you can put a treaded tire on it and make several different models for it. You can also adjust the tire pressure to fix meany of the issue you mentioned about ice and other surface’s and you forgot the OneWheel has the highest torque of all the boards. Most of the other boards can’t go on grass or start and stop on high incline roads. They stall out or have to be pushed up hills.

You got it backwards too on the turn radius it has the sharpest turn radius of any electric board on the market.

Watch other YouTube review videos they show the sharp turn radius.

You should join the OneWheel fourm and learn this stuff, then remake the video.

But major props are being in a really cool dad that hasn’t lost the kid in him.

UnboxingChina says:

good review.

SirTrebor says:

Hey ! what do you think about ACTON BLINK S2 or Buffalo F ? I would like buy one of those or maybe the Landwheel L3-AX you reviewed for my first board and I’d like to hear your toughts about those two electric boards in comparason with the Landwheel L3-AX.

Kasandaopolis says:

RE: My opinion on Action Blink S2. SirTrebor, I’ve never ridden one but consulting the E-Skate Forum, I’d conclude they don’t last too long. Most of the discussion is about the S2 failing after contact with moisture. Lots of ESC and battery failures. Also complaints about vibration from the way the ESC is mounted. Most of the Forum discussion is about how to fix them. I did not see anyone love them or recommend them.

Sam Schroeder#50 says:

Or instead of caring it you can spent a bit more money and get the carrying bag

Misster Orange says:

is it possible change frequency of the remote/receiver for both you can control it with one remote?

Kasandaopolis says:

Re Buffalo F1… SirTrebor Asked for my Opinion on the Buffalo F1 and Blink S2… So, I’ve never ridden either the Blink or the Buffalo. So the only opinions I can give is based on what’s already on the internet. For the Buffalo it all seems pretty shady. The best place to read up on it is here:
Apparently these boards are manufactured by I-Wonder and two different companies are rebranding them. Buffalo is one of them. Beyond what’s said on the E-Sk8 Forum, there is a lot that looks Shady about buffalo F1. They attempt to present themselves as a German start-up company and there is a is a kick starter page and a video by a kid with a German Accent. Right out of the gate, that’s misleading. The Buffalo F1 is a Chinese board that’s already being manufactured so there is nothing to start-up. Right now, there are a few for sale on Amazon and EBay for $999 USD, an identical one for $4000. Of the $999 boards, most say out of stock. One says it’s in stock and ships from china. The Amazon and e-bay presence seems rigged. It looks like they think if we see its sold out everywhere except for just one store that has one left, that we’ll be motivated to buy. And, $999 must be a great deal if someone else is selling it for $4000. So there is a lot of fakery there. The specs state that it’s a 29.9 volt battery. For certain, that’s not enough to achieve reasonable speed and range. The very first Landwheel V2 used 29.9 volt batteries. Those could make it around the block once or twice with a 11 year old kid on it before dropping below the critical voltage and shutting down. With an adult, the 29.9 volt V2 would drop below critical voltage in less than half a block. Connect the same ESC to a 42.5 volt battery and it became a pretty decent E-board. So I think there is a reason the kick-started video features a kid riding the buffalo F1 instead of an adult. One more thing that is silly about the Buffalo F2 is the switch that toggles between single motor an dual. That is a useless feature. It has no purpose. It’s not going to increase range. And in single mode, you ‘ve got one motor trying to overcome the resistance of two belt drive motors with no regen power form the second motor so range, traction and directional stability would all be horrible on single motor mode. And finally, for $999, just by a Boostedboard. They have a bunch of new models now on both sides of $999. The second Generation SR is $1039
If you want a bamboo deck, quality acceleration, braking, range and durability and belt drive, and you have a budget of around $1000 +/- then I think the boosted boards new models are all over that sweetspot. Landwheels are worth looking at if your looking for a higher top speed (48 kph vs 32 kph), if you have a very specific deck in mind for greater length and flex or maybe if you want a drop down and want to top-mount the batteries. For me, I’m a 225 pound rider and I have a hard time deciding which I like more, the boosted board Dual + with the extended range battery or my 4WD Landwheel mounted on a the vanguard flex1. I tend to ride the 4WD landwheel the most because I like the extra length of the deck and I’ve added a lot of rubber isolation to take the vibration out of the ride. But the Boosted board definitely carves better, is built flawlessly, and will probably last a decade. It’s a tough choice, customize a system exactly to your size, weight and vibration tolerance or go with something less flexible but spectacular at what it was designed for.

Jan Bateman Temple says:

Also the speeds you quote for the onewheels aren’t correct

Filip Gecic says:

Great review! Thank you.

Kasandaopolis says:

Re Buffalo F1, in July 2017, one buyer reported the brakes as being rather unsafe.

Thornwalker says:

Nice review. I just got an Evolve GTX all-terrain, love it so far. Thinking about getting a One wheel next.

Chris Burton says:

Very nice review! I’ve been using the L3-X for a while I love it, the price is just crazy and more importantly: it finally delivers the kind of quality and safety you’d usually get from a much more expensive drive. Now for the next version it would be great if they added a USB port and some flash storage or similar so you could simply update the firmware, potentially letting you use 4WD at some stage.

Jonathan Davies says:

Great video. Good job on your detail and comparing and contrast of each type of LMTV’s (last mile transportation vehicle).

pistoncount says:

Great comparison great video thank you

Alexander Lyamin says:

i have a strong feelings that l3-x does handle overcharge that good because they just disabled regenrative bracking in v5. i tried to get any charge going downhill on breaks for 15 minutes to no avail.
any idea how we can test this theory ?

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