Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings Review

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DarkVengeance says:

love skate America great prices I just got my santa cruz rasta dot cruiser yesterday 🙂 from them

Port cove says:

My names jake:D

G SHOCK says:

is it 608?

Matyáš K says:

are they waterproof? thanks

Arjen Sol says:

”If this bad boy get’s dirty, you can clean it up with some bones speed cream”
How is this video supposed to be reliable if the reviewer suggets cleaning bearings with a lubricant..

Arvid Dimic Sabet16b Hermods Gymnasium STHL says:

Bones reds are like 28 dollars in Sweden…

Kyle Forte says:

he has a shake junt hat. like WTF. and lube don’t clean bearings.

Lonell Spade says:

if you order them with spacers will the spacers come

Counting Sheeple says:

I’m not gonna give you a thumbs down, but that wasn’t really a “review.” They’re still decent bearings, though.

zac gibb says:

dude, lube doesn’t clean bearings. if you lubricate a dirty bearing it will just go slower.

Jimmy Mitchell says:

One of my reds had a extra seal on it

That Soccer kid says:

use acetone or alcohol to get it dry then use bones speed cream…….wait how do i know this but u work at a skate shop and you are supposed to know that

Derp Herp says:

They are abec 7 , that is the amount of balls in each bearing.

Rajit Tharan says:

This guy talks dirty

Hyper AG says:

“Squirt a little lube in there” you said it not me

Micropela says:

Can someone link me the official amazon link. I heard there’s a lot of fake stuff out there, don’t know which to trust…

Jai Kalra says:

how tf was that review?

Account Dumstuff says:

bonz for life mother fuckers

Zero Chipz says:

What’s the price range of these

Yahel Burgos says:

I ordered some and I got the 2 day shipping and its been 3 days and there still not here yet

ShowerThoughts says:

Wearing a shake junt hat reviewing some bones reds… LOL nice review tho


Best fucking bearings! I swear by these and these ONLY!! They are super fast. Highly responsive and they last a long time.

Wenyu Yue says:

this isnt a review, this is advertising

zimizi says:

This isn’t a review, this is advertising!

Xxtictoc1216xX says:

do you have a gun to your head?

loris harriss says:

reviewing Reds with the Shake Junt hat HAHAHA X’D

Londonboy1960 says:

Bones bearings WHY ???  Chinese mfr bearings at a real rip off price !!!   Nylon bearing retainer not good as they shatter .

DaneFromHell says:

Nice hat
I have some shake junt bearings and shake junt bolts

Joshua Hernandez says:


frostontube says:

These fools even skate??

palle farligsen says:

but how dos it spin????

Jared Wilde says:

Ordered some for my new deck, they’re yet to arrive

Spencer Robinson says:

just got those today

dan's fifa says:

where is spacers?

Jeremiah Wilson says:

promoting Reds with a shake junt hat.

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