Bolt electric skateboard | Test, Ride & Review | Bolt Motion | 10% DISCOUNT

(Bolt electric skateboard) This is Bolt Motion, an amazing electric skateboard! I’ve used it for a couple of days now and am ready to give a proper review. It really makes commuting so much faster, easier and more fun. It can go up to 28 km/h and during my tests Bolt always had a range of 10-12 km. That’s insanely fast for such a small electric skateboard!


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Official ESK8FR & UNIKBOARDS Founder says:

dope video, how do you do maintenance ? you remove the below of the deck ? which means the trucks too ?

Curtis Smart says:

whats the intro song called

Wora N says:

Nice E-Board 🙂

Dione Solon says:

Probably not a good idea to ride it on rainy days right?

The Flying Chair says:

how much do i have to pay for one?

Armen Hakobyan says:

best skateboard ever I will buy this no matter what

Scott RC says:

I cant find it for sale anywhere

JP jay says:

how far really?

Ryan Saxe says:

How much is it I might buy plz respond

Eric Meier says:

1:30 lol that is a maytech esk8 remote XD

Delerious Dinosaur says:

this dudes a heking meme

AMGmov says:

How is the battery holding up so far?

Harshal Gohel says:

hey buddy nice video, what is the motor name?, is it manufactured by bolt?
looking for specs of motor…

Alban Lion says:

on which website did u buy it ?

Bryan Cheong says:

hi! planning to get one. does it travels fast?and hows the built quality?does it feels like china made?

tony orlando says:

is that a hub motor or belt, how much is it U.S. dollars

Shaun Husain says:

wear a helmet man, electrical glitch or bad signal and you’re out on your ass or into an intersection. don’t mean to be an ass either but have a DIY board and always wear a helmet when riding (I lock it up with the board so not that inconvenient)

Richard Goyanes says:

nice video. have you had any problems with that board or customer service? thanks.

Ryan Saxe says:

I really want this board but I don’t know how much to donate so I get a board. Great video. Btw

COMET212 says:

loud…. I’ll pass…

Dan Rigsley says:

Belt driven…you’re gonna be changing that alot. Hard ride and warble (normal for short board) at high speed in long distance…No hot swap battery for the long communter.

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