Blitzart Electric Skateboard Updated Review. Very Dangerous Board.

Whats up guys so today I got an updated review of the blitzart electric skateboard. This electric skateboard I previously did a full unboxing and review. I want people to know I am totally honest in my reviews and I felt like I needed to fill you guys on this. My initial review I loved this thing and gave it a very positive review. After using this board more than a day it honestly is not safe. The trucks are made of cheap Chinese cast metal and the trucks do not have an axel that goes through them so the vibration and stress of cracks can make them get weak spots overtime and they can break. My truck snapped while going close to 20mph I am lucky to not be hurt and I hope this never happens to anyone besides me. I am not trying to bash the company I am just making this video to warn people that this board can be extremely dangerous. I also feel bad for the people that may have originally bought the product from my first review. Blitzart is a new company and I’m sure they will figure it out and tweek the boards to be better as time goes on. For all I know the longboads might be way better or at least sturdier I don’t know. I will have more electric skateboards in the future and I will find you one that wont break I promise. I appreciate all the support and as always thanks for watching.

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KHALID Al muzini says:

You should try the koowheel v3 electric skateboard!

The Gamer King says:

i live 5 minutes from this guy i live in illionis lake in the hills

Chance wilder says:


Spicy Rasberyy says:


Jon Maravillia says:

rip safety

Tech Reviewer says:

Epic af

Rayan Hbeash says:

biggest fan ever

Arsyan Thirafi says:

I guess reliability is VERY important for e board… thank god nothing crazy happen, hope your hand get well 🙂

Jxswager 21 says:

i love that skateboard lol

JJ Leopard says:

Dude I was talking about the electric one ik I’m a skateboarder.

Stephan K says:

disappointing I had to send mine back too should be here Monday. might just get a refund right away

Edric Monreal says:

dylan be careful when buying electric skateboards. Buying an electric skateboard is like buying a car. You want a quality made electric skateboard. I have an acton blink lite. Its slower with a worse range than the blitzart but its made very well. great materials and no known remote problems. Hope it helps.

The Donkey Gaming says:

Hi Dylan nice video. Keep it up!

Yoyo Awesome says:

Sucks when that happens

dark wolf says:

good vid sorry about the accident they should have given u a new board

LN Films says:

Hey Dylan. I had ordered a Blitzart single motor longboard version around 1-2 months ago. The board would not turn on after a total of about 1 hour of riding. We contacted Blitzart and they have great customer service and sent the dual motor version for the extra $100. The quality of the dual motor version seems much better and also performs much better. I will be uploading a review in a day or 2. I would love if you would check it out. Mine has held up great so far. Thanks.

Yoyo Awesome says:


Arren Goh says:

dude luckly you didnt break your arm or leg

Jason McCoy says:

Dude I had the same freaking board and all the exact problems! I slid on my face after the remote went out! Honestly Dude they are a nightmare to deal! I have a Koowheel D3m onyx and it’s the fucking bomb! I love it!

Proscriptus says:

The metal does look like it has some visible impurities in it, big bits of carbon still in the steel.

WildGaming Monkey says:


Z FROST says:

When r u getting koowheel

Yidris says:

what a garbage product. looks like those trucks are made from recycled aluminum cans

Mick Clark says:

They should be kissing your ass . I will not be buying anything from them. That is piss-poor customer service.

James Skuse says:

Would have face planted! Glad you’re ok

Uzzi Gaming says:


Fidel Cashflow says:

Cheap ass materials, glad you didn’t crack your skull. Still, I mean, I am not a skateboarder, but can’t you just put better parts on there from a different board? I know its electric but maybe you could rig something up…

Brodie Rosar says:

Are you related to someone around 18 how is named Emily? I use to got to school with someone with the same last name around the Chicagoland area.

WamperSnapper says:

25th comment!! yay xD

JJ Leopard says:

Hey Dylan you will do a hover board video because I want one and if you can buy a really good one and tell people the safety about please so my mom can watch your video and change her mind and my friend has one and once you know how to ride it it’s more fun than that skate bored probably

Alondra Gonzalez says:


soulclay007 says:

“hope you dont die on an electrc skateboard” Fuckin EPIC!! good one!

bdog111 says:

Wow, what a fucking disgrace! Glad you’re OK man. I’m glad I ordered a Raptor 2. 🙂

Z FROST says:

OK thx

Ibrahim Abazid says:

Try the buffalo, it is really fast and one of the best for the price. Press reset is going to make a review on it soon.

Edwin Osorio says:


Jxswager 21 says:

keep up the good work love your vids

justin thymes says:

Dang homie.They sent me the wrong model,other should be here today.But I don’t know,guess its one of those get what you pay for things.Koowheel looks good,just pricey.Cant believe those don’t have a solid axle???WHAT THA F^%#!!!!!!!!

K3l3phant says:

I WAS GOING TO ORDER THIS BOARD, Because of your recommendation last video. But now you made an update video, thx for uploading this video right in time.
I’ll buy the Juiced board instead.

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