Blank 7.75″ Skateboard Deck Review


efrain aranda says:


RETRO says:

I always quit then pickup again now I’m bout to get a real board

Roberth Silva says:

U have kik

Spongeboob Swagpants says:

great music

Internet Tough Guy says:

Hey all I’m a beginner skater and I’ve been looking into building a custom skateboard,Blank decks are WAY cheaper than branded ones but are they good? do they have decent pop and last awhile? or are they crap? also why are blank decks cheaper than branded ones? Thanks! 🙂

robin 4 hood says:

good music !

Od Zoe says:

do you still have this board if not how long did it last? i just ordered it and i’d like to know what to expect. Thank you

Jaylen Williams says:

There blank decks o

Kingbattlelion Gaming says:

Looks like a shit cheap board

patrick raleigh says:

What size trucks did u use

ZackAttack says:

i got thats board on amazon. it is taking to fucking long to get here. its been 2 weeks

Joseph Murillo says:

I have that same batman knife from amazon

Roberth Silva says:

Hey dude how u get the blue one???

shashnatiq says:

Would you recommend them for a beginner skateboarder? I’ve never used one before, and i live in a poor family so i can’t really afford a good skate. Will they be fine? I’m not like gonna jump off high ledges like those pricks on youtube do and say the decks suck, of course it will break when you are at the weight limit and you jump off a 70 cm ledge and put your feet in the middle


So does the board not come with trucks and wheels

Alex Cervantes says:

can anyone tag me to tell me what kind of wheels those are

Alex Cervantes says:

+RokeroLoko I know they are bones but what kind

Alex Binns says:

would you recommend it? cause I found them selling these (the same brand and everything) in a pack of five fore a good price

Roberth Silva says:

My kik is roberth.silva

DylanwTHECoolKid says:

Are bone red bearings only for long boards because i have spitfire but i wanted reds but spitfires looked like a good choice and nice song

Nate Zecchino says:

hey i just bought that same deck , how is it holding up ? is it reliable ? 

ahmad muiz says:

do you still have this skateboard?

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