Eagle Longboards sent me this small and portable electric skateboard prototype to test out and review. Because of how tiny it is, I think this eboard would be the perfect travel electric skateboard. What do you think of this “electric penny board”?

Eagle Electric Board:
Unity Backpacks:
Andy’s Channel:


►How can I follow you on social media?
Twitter: @Supronnie
Instagram: @Supronnie
Snapchat: @Supronnie

►How can I support you? Do you have Patreon or something?
I’m happy you’re stoked on what I’m doing! You can support by purchasing merch designed by me!

►What is your longboard setup?
Anonymous Feather:
Paris 180mm trucks:
Reds Bearings:
Arbor Mosh Wheels:

►What do you use to make your YouTube videos?
Panasonic G7:
Pixco 8mm fisheye:
Joby Gorillapod:
Rode Micro:
DJI Phantom 3:

►Is there a way I can contact you via email?
You can reach me at

►You work with a lot of companies. Got any discounts for us?
Fave Socks: (use RONNIE10 for 10% off):
Board Blazers skate lights: (RONNIEBB for 10% off):

► Who made the music in this video?
Music by DJ QUADS:

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dreadflow826 says:

I hope you blow up Man U deserve it

Rangga Rusmana says:

Hey can i test one of those in indonesia?

Big Kids says:

Awesome vlog brotha! It’s interesting to see how these boards work in real life. I’m buddies with the owner through Instagram and when I saw this board I thought….there’s really nothing like it in the market. and for such a small battery/board the range isn’t to bad. I could see it being a great board for in the airport (like you mentioned) or from the train station to work or home. As as always great vids pare!

– Neil

Bennett Poplin says:

I live by the Mosaic I go to school there at Luther

Rebel Realized says:

nice video man! I really like the content you make as well as this board. I have a boosted but want a small, easily trasnportable board and this is the smallest I’ve seen. looks cool! I have a couple videos on my channel about my experiences riding an electric skateboard since I bought mine in august if your interested. I just hit 100 miles yesterday so safe to say I’m hooked, lol! Keep up the great work bro!

Caleb Immel says:

The hub motor is meant to be in the front in this board?

ur boy says:

ronnie im ur biggest fan

Paul de Rooij says:

Those are $60 on Alibaba lol

soulforged789 says:

$249 including a backpack?? PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!!! xD

cuteshark fun says:

and also can do you know how to Ollie on a longboard i got one last Saturday and it is scary

Nurfitria Binte Zainal Aini says:

Great review. How’s the braking, uphill/downhill ride?

Ryan Reyna says:

Should I order a meepo I longboard everyday

Marco Sanchez says:

Can you pedal normally say if the battery dies on you ?

Marvi Marv says:

New Subscriber.  Awesome review.  Can’t wait to see more of your videos.

Dennis Sheng says:

Hey Ronnie, great vid! Just curious, how do you communicate with Unity? I backed their Kickstarter campaign for the backpack but never received an extra Skatecro that I ordered lol

satvik bahuguna says:

*Electronnie* sormiento

psilocybe604 says:

i wouldn’t feel safe with my board just hanging on my back without any straps….its so easy to steal…

davidsonnow says:

Wtf city you in?

Adrian photography co says:

Hope you came to the folk festival or come today

Adrian photography co says:

Yo where did you shoot this video i havnt seen you take any vids around rva any more hant seen you around the canal walk and stuff

MotionGaming says:

Dude in the Shitty Cooper uses the left turn lane to go straight across intersection.

cuteshark fun says:

my moms birthday is on the 24th and yours 23 oh my god so many things to do

Catandthefunk says:

Looks like LOU board

LN Films and Tech says:

Made a video on the unbranded version of this on my channel. I think they made a few changes to the ones you got from the unbranded one which I have. Either way, they are great boards and the portability is amazing.

Lucia Threels says:

Really dope video and board, you got me excited about this board homie!

Ronnie Sarmiento says:

Thanks for watching guys! A few specs I forgot to mention are: 400 watt single hub motor, 15 degree uphill incline, 17″ length and regenerative braking. If you guys have any other questions, I’m happy to help! Leave your questions in the comments below! I’d also like to mention that this specific video is not a paid promotion, but I will be creating a Kickstarter video for Eagle in the upcoming weeks. I know that there has been a ton of electric skateboard videos lately, but with the freestyle jam we’re throwing, non electric videos will be coming soon!

Ralph Turtor says:

Hi sir, is this board are available here in uae? How much this mini electric board? Thanks and godbless..

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