BEST Electric Skateboard Drive – MELLOW BOARD REVIEW

Until now this definitely is the BEST Electric Skateboard Drive – MELLOW BOARD REVIEW ►►►

Filmed with:


►►► What i use:
Olympus OM-D:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Honor 9:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Evoc 26l:


►►► Cameras:
Olympus OM-D:
Wide Angle:
Fish Eye:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Video Mic:


Cesar Bermudez says:

Better than the Backfire V2?

krypton karla says:

Hey Fabian, you should make a video on what skateboards on really go on airplanes. Some airlines won’t allow any of them.

Isaac Lyons says:

Nice video!

TheGOSimpson says:

Fabian, you DRIVE a CAR but you RIDE a (skate)BOARD!

Benny_bricks says:


Feral Pigeon says:

Nice guy

Jan Ostrówka says:

Super excited to finally see this! It truly is the best e-skateboard on the market! Pricey, but totally worth it when you get such quality, made in Germany, 2 year warranty and 7 years of product lifespan.

Mike Cane says:

How old is the owner of that board? Did he get the Mello kit and use his own deck and front truck?

EnJoY My InSec says:

If i had the money, sure i’ll buy that shit, but as a student, i can’t really buy it lmao

Wora N says:

The Mellow Board is very good but too Expensive

Bah Jinn says:

I would love to see you review the lectric longboard ls. See what you think of it. Love your videos. Good stuff

NLSK8 TV says:

Super sick i wish it had a longer range aswell

Joe Kyser says:

i cant believe im seeing something on the mellow board. what a history there with that company

Sean Buckley says:

your a pimp

Bagof-T says:


Jamie Dudding says:

Had my Metroboard delivered yesterday!! 🙂 ill do some videos soon!! 40mile range babyyyyy

fi9e says:

Your video editing skills are on point 🙂 nicely done

Reynaldo Rivera says:

I think the prices for the electric boards is high. Not sure what the electrical c board kits cost ,but could be a way to go

SorcerousSpark says:

Can you review the eon board

steeven coogan says:

Mellow board it’s pricey and sucks + with more tan 1 year late delivery. What can you ask for more 🙂

Isaac Lyons says:

Love these video! I might make my own one!

John 1112 says:

Acton S2 is the best board ever.

California RV Dreamin says:

2000 bones…for an add-on…jesus

Reece Aleck says:

What about the Acton board ????? Where is the video on it ???

The Spartan Vegan says:

The mellow board seems pretty awesome. I really like the speed.

Isaac Lyons says:


Ronny's VLOG says:

brakes is kind of an important feature….

electric traffic says:

Sehr schickes Board! Habe es auch schon ausprobieren können. Muss aber sagen dass ich mehrmals die Batterie beim fahren verloren habe. Soll aber behoben worden sein.

Hamish Cross says:


waxonwaxoff says:

What helmet do you wear? That looks good. I’m in the market for one!

California RV Dreamin says:

Metroboards dont last..mine lasted 6 months

AxTenTen says:

2:18 ” not bad for guy that doesn’t skateboard” LOL RIP

Nick Santos says:

Hey if you are still in SF and wanna sell the Meepo I’ll come and meet you with Cash in hand

Kristian Nielsen says:

Always enjoy ur videos! Whats the best board 2 get? I got the Bamboo gt, and thinking 2 get Metro dual 4 speed and range…

realPandarama says:

Thnx a lot fav for this one! Now i wont cancel my order 😀

Isaac scott says:

Cool u got a mellow

Robin Schaefer says:

3k$ for there cruiser model. This HUB motor setup is grossly over priced which will cripple this company in time

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