Bamboosk8 Skateboard Review

A review on bamboo skateboards i’ve wanted to do for a while. I try to give you the best idea of these boards without actually seeing one or riding one. I hope this helps everyone out and you can ask me if there is anything you still are wondering about. A proper review 🙂



SkateIslam says:

it’s good yo. compares to jessup or mob, maybe somewhere between.

Sk8Rat19100 says:

Your soo stoney

Raphli Akmal says:

skate islam?

SkateIslam says:

truth. Everyone wants to complain. They’re scared bamboo will take over the world.

SkateIslam says:

haha dang dude nice. I hope i can review a 100% carbon skateboard deck soon. That is supposed to be like impossible to break.

P.U.L.S.E says:

you look like chris paul

SkateIslam says:

Alhamdulilah man. Praise be to God. I’m grateful for the position I’m in and hope to keep on doin my thang for the viewers 🙂

SkateIslam says:

just the grip. the only trucks they have for sale is longboard trucks and i ride skateboards.

tre chance says:


MrGramz09 says:

Skateislam are you muslim??

SkateIslam says:

Awesome, it’s something nice to try. Hopefully you love it.

SkateIslam says:

They are much better now. Depending on the last time you bought one, I’m sure they’ve gotten better. Unfortunately, a lot of their older boards like 2nd generation ones left people with a bad taste in their mouth about bamboo. They’re much better now.

4 thyras says:

Where you want to do Friday prayer

MrGramz09 says:

no problem real informative stuff

SkateIslam says:

they’re kind of big. but I wouldn’t say weird.

4 thyras says:

Assalammualikum where you live

jadekillian says:


SkateIslam says:

every time u set up a new deck it feels different. Different brands feel different, and even switchin from a bad old board to a new one obviously feels different. It’s no different for bamboo, will probly feel different but not like you wouldn’t be able to skate it. So no it should be fine, personally i think anyone get get used to just about anything too.

rockbroncos1 says:

How weak would you say the tail and nose are compared to maple ?

SkateIslam says:

haha, idk i think i just gripped it normally. maybe because these boards have more concave it looks like that. i guess if i wanted i’d just angle the razor more or somethign to get it to look like that. hard to explain.

SkateIslam says:

ya that can happen. Ur deck will have to be pretty badly chipped and crappy. but i got a very small splinter the other day for the first time in monthssss or more.

Simnar Lopez says:

Lol he has a meditation spot

SkateIslam says:

that’s true. Bamboo skateboards have actually come a long way since the beginning. Fixed a lot of the problems people had with them. Really flexy, soggy, huge pressure cracks all those problems been solved. Hopefully they get even better.

Kevin Liu says:

do you know the shipping cost if you want to buy one of these?

Anklepants Skate Zine says:

“My bamboo deck keeps flexing when I land!” “Well, maybe if you’d land bolts…”

BxBxProductions says:

youre the kewlest and chillest islamic skater in the world!

Simnar Lopez says:

Skateislam buy me a 8.5 bamboo lol

SkateIslam says:

link in the description

Floid La Donk says:

btw is true that the negative side is that when the edge of the deck get chipped you could get splinter from it ?..

Anklepants Skate Zine says:

If people were only more open to getting bamboo decks. If there’s a bigger demand for them the technology will get better. It’s good for the earth, too.

SkateIslam says:

Wa alaikum assalam brother. Thanks for tuning in.

Martyn AB says:

those stickers are rad

Eli Zech says:

do you get razor tail super fast

dylanskater atkinson says:

where can i get one at.

SkateIslam says:

Yo they be 25-30 dollars for a deck depending on blank or graphic deck. also 5 bucks for grip and comes with stickers. Good deal, good deck.

Christie Trinh says:

I just ordered a bamboo board. Its coming in next week. You helped me make the decision. Thanks 😀

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