Bamboo Skateboards Review

This is a review of a “bamboo skateboard”.


gareth foster says:

Like an arbour board.. they use bamboo in there decks..

Theo Pritchard says:

I so happy that there is at least one genuine funny informative skateboarding YouTuber … Garett Ginner

Joking it’s Ben x

Allen Winslow says:

Hemp deck next? Your reviews are the best.

Jordan O'Meara Skateboarding says:

Great video as usual Ben!

Skateboarding Progression @40+ says:

You look really comfortable on that deck. Good review. I am hooked on flight decks, not sure I can move to another board right now.

Emmanuel says:

Pandas are an endanger species. Pandas eat bamboos. If you destroy bamboos forests to make skateboard, how pandas are going to survive? Who is eating maple? I mean, not the syrup, but the actual wood? No one. So, seriously … saving the earth with a 7 ply skateboard made with 2 ply of bamboos ….

eferretti says:

I have 2 decks made out of bamboo and fiberglass (no maple at all) and it has lot of pop, but its mainly due to the fiberglass shit on top and on bottom (and there’re only two plys of bamboo). those are made by Rayne (in your country btw) rayne renegade and rayne catalyst they re tech slide oriented board but can be used for cruising and throw ollie shove it and anything. just the bamboo is very flimsy, it can endure lot of torsion and weight but isnt strong when it bangs against pavement or w/e.

Blast This says:


SkateboardingNow says:

Excellent review

Justin Rose says:

Ever tried out Comet skateboards? They’re the top 10% in B corporations, supposedly, and have been in the industry for quite a while. All maple, by the way.

Gram O says:

This doesn’t regard the video, sorry, but how does the concave of Primitve boards compare to Girl?

Justin Mc says:

I’m not a fan of dead sounding tail pops. It always makes me think the board is at its end.

Jay Dilla says:

Great review as always!

pantherpawz says:

Probably the best review on bamboo skateboards. Their also a lot cheaper.

Carlton says:

Nice skating man

Evan joseph says:


Caleb Wilson says:

Nice review once again! I wish the pop sounded better too – it kind of throws me off not having the crispy crack of 7ply. I also am glad you shared your analysis of the sales pitch…emotional sales pitches are always a red flag. I hope more stats are provided! See you in the next video!

Christopher sk8 says:

Plz do a element featherlight deck review

Anklepants Skate Zine says:

Bamboo boards aren’t that great. My friend used to ride them all the time and would sell them to others. The biggest complaint was how flexible the decks felt. We took a photo of my friend jumping in the middle of his board and the thing was bent to the ground but didn’t break (I think that’s in a review he did on YouTube). The nose, tail, and concave seemed exceptionally steep (perhaps they ha e changed this). My other friend actually parked his car on top of his deck overnight to flatten it out. When the board splinters the bamboo will stab you (I’ve had some gnarly bamboo splinters). Due to the bamboo top ply the pressure cracks look insane. They go from front bolts to the back bolts. We’ve even accidentally split a deck in half the long way – from nose to tail! Also, supposedly the owner of BambooSk8 (or is it BambooSkate now?) doesn’t even skate!!! Obviously support skater owned.

Oh, and did you know they’ve been using fewer and fewer bamboo plies and more maple plies over the years? They used to be 100% bamboo, then added more and more plies of maple over the years. Now they’re almost an entirety maple deck. Go figure.

MikeCookie1973 says:

Ever try mixing trucks?

suicidal dragon says:


Kyle Mclean Reeve says:

Like the video , good review , really good skating .

Chris L says:

Skateboards are for real the #1 cause of maple deforestation? Definitely not what I would have guessed.

Jake sellaton says:

Best youtube skater

Crooked Skate Supply Co says:

I’ve skated a 5 ply bamboo I brought in from China. It was ok but i prefer the strength and additional pop of maple. I agree about the overall environmental impact once you consider shipping, etc. It’s a similar situation to stroking peoples electric car egos without the whole story end to end.

juan Shady says:

Bamboo is the source of food for panda bears………sooooo they are not helping the environment…in fact pandas are low in numbers….really thier sales stragedy isn’t working if you think about it

D Sawh says:

review FA, Hockey, and Alienworkshop

Maximilian Wenig says:

Could you do another skatemental review? The last one you uploaded you said, that they also buy from generator but the one i got definitely isnt. Feels more like a china deck but doesnt chip as hard as lets say girl decks.

Anthony Tran says:

Your flip tricks are looking nice and boned out with those steep kicks! I was ghost popping all over the place with them. I think they used to use more bamboo plies but the board was too flexy. I’ve rode two and one was unforgivably stiff and the other one was pretty bendy. I think I’ll stick to American or Canadian made maple boards for now.

Rico Chet says:

i have one Question. can you overpop an ollie?  so the board flies everywere… if it hits the Frontfoot?  or is there an other issue.  im able to ollie, kinda low “energized”… ollies. but if i try to Pop as hard as i can, the board always turns, about 45-60 degrease. Or it rotates about 60-90 degrease. (Often Primo landings)  why is that? i would say, i have the “small” Ollie on Lock… but if i try higher, it always messes up. (thats kinda anoying) I think, that my ankle is not flexy enough… or is that not so important? greetz

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