BAKER Skateboard Deck Review!! (8.38)

My honest review of an 8.38 Baker Riley Hawk mellow concave skateboard deck! (Ruined it pretty quickly because I was eager to skate and skated in 15-degree weather in my garage.)

(Reuploaded because I messed up editing the end, and it bugged me.)

Buy this 8.38 Baker board here:

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My name is Chris. My goal is to make skateboarding easier for others by helping them select the best gear for their skating, through honest product reviews & detailed setup guides. I also sometimes make trick tutorials & various other skateboarding-related videos.

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KillaKami says:

Try a real low pro 2 deck next

KillaKami says:

Also the baker b2 boards have steep concave and squared off nose/tail, so maybe you should check one of those out.

Filippo Lescai says:

This board is brand new.. if you change I come to Ohio an knock your head ahahaha

VLSkate says:

i thought i wouldn’t like the mellow concave but i ended up liking it a lot. i’m definitely getting another one next. awesome review man, i can’t wait to see another street part


R.I.P griptape

Patrick B says:

0:41 i watched that like 5 times in slo mo lol

InstaDan says:

Skate a powell flight deck if you ever get the chance, would love to hear your review on one

PalenSkate says:

gettin wild with them flips!

sill gorilla says:

Good review

Robbie Buontempo says:

Good review/ tricks with the board man! Love watching your review videos!

Machinegunkuzzy 16 says:

They have baker b2 boards which are steep concave next time you get around to a baker board maybe check out one of those shapes!

Clayton Whitener says:

I have a Baker 8 and a Primitive 8.125 Shane shape and while I know they’re different widths, the baker feels so much lighter and frankly cheaper and more flexible. The primitive feels heavy a durable. Just some observations.

rroollfallen says:

I know exactly what you mean when skating with wet conditions. I have ruined few boards like that :/ keep it up with the good content Chris! Weather in Virginia has been weird for skating! Cheers

Robert Levesque says:

Im going to zumiez for my 20th birthday. What kind of board do you recommend getting? I skated an 8.25 i got heavier, would you reccomend getting bigger size, if so what size?

KillaKami says:

Baker boys distribution, dlx products (krooked, real, etc.), Pass port, the killing floor and a ton of other companies use the same wood (bareback/generator). I’m sure the only difference is the mold that they use to press them.

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