Are primitive decks good?

It seems like a great company, but are their decks any good? I test out my third and final primitive deck to answer that question for you.


Ryan Jones says:

this guy skates like he’s 10 years old

Pj Ferdinand says:

great video man i subbed

villain skateboarder says:

Love the video very great detail

ErosV says:

Hey Ben i wont be skating for some time because i totaly fucked up my knee… it rotated totaly the wrong way and i think i tore something…

J R says:

The last 2 times i bought primitive boards i broke it so fast and i dont do stairs and stuff. But i dont know maybe i was unlucky… But i think i will not buy it anymore …

sk8tillyoudie 83 says:

Thunder 4 life

Chad Clements says:

You should review Revive Skateboard decks. I have been following them on you tube and have been considering trying there decks.

Dustin D says:

I thought for sure you were gonna be garbage lol. Nice skating dude

HeshSkateboarding says:

Hey I was wonder is the grip tape really sticky like mob or a more mellow like Jessup thanks !!!

Ricardo Lisboa says:

Kinda expensive but a good deck. Let me tell about the art on this deck. Carlos Ribeiro is from the south of Brazil. There are two major soccer teams there: Sport Club Internacional and Gremio Football Club. Carlos Ribeiro is a Sport Club Internacional supporter (Like me!) – Luan Oliveira is a Gremio supporter (arghh..!). So the logo you liked its Sport Club Internacional logo (SCI 1909) style..but using Carlos Ribeiro initials and birth year. Sport Club Internacional is known as ‘People’s club’. When it was founded there was only Gremio, and Gremio was a german imigrants club and they didnt allow poor and black people. So Internacional was the answer to racism back then. Decades after that, the supporters built the stadium..thats right…the people..each one carrying a brick..a sack of cement..donations. Our history have some similarities with the history of Green Bay Packers..the club that belongs to the people. Almost like that.

I recommend Baker decks..I was using Dustin Dollin’s signature deck 8.0. Was very good.

Keep it up man


Dingus Bung says:

You need to be more well known because this is a good channel

Pando says:

That board is from a team of my state, I live in Brazil, it’s called Internacional FC, Carlos’ team

Ryan Snapp says:

Right on man I can really appreciate what you do!! Keep it up. Your video really helped when coming to choose a new deck!! -Ryan S

Jeremy Parker says:

Love your videos- great skating and content! Keep up the good work!!!

3brosthatsk8 says:

The truck thing doesn’t make sense to me

Jersey Devil says:


Jacob Carlos says:

Try Anti hero, Krooked, or Real

Sawyer Strange says:

Your tre flips look just like mines

Johnson Jones says:

try zero skateboards

X K says:

I ride 56mms. I feel like i have to really exaggerate my flip tricks. Cant even frontside flip anymore. I wonder how long it takes to wear down a wheel to a smaller size?

brian ambs says:

You need to be sponsored


Hey im new to youtube, but have quite a few videos. I just posted a new primitive unboxing video hit me profile and suscribe! I upload frequently!

Jesper Dogg says:

The Primitive decks are so good. I bought one myself after seeing my friend trying to focusing it really hard. It just bent and got back to its shape 😀 I see that some people are saying the boards snap really fast, although I got it for a while and It is stiff as fuck

Caden Cooper says:

Are you from the vancouver area?

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