Are element skateboards just for Nyjah loving children or do they actually make a good deck. Watch to find out!


Sebastián Ruiz says:

Can you review welcome skate decks, they are available in different shapes although they say they ride like popsicles shaped boards on their website

Kevin Guo says:

it’s ok, im in montreal skating in snow : )

Bulls Chicago says:

Mine cracked in 1 week

Howood_the_skater _ says:

Damm,your flip tricks are sooooo clean

Camilo Vásquez says:

Ben, I have an important question, how do you recommend to do your sessions if you want to become more consistent with your tricks? Whenever I skate I land every trick I already have thrice. Nonetheless I don’t see that much progress in certain intermediate tricks, even though I practice them all time (talking about switch backside 180s and varial flips)… Should I continue with new tricks or just keep practicing these tricks until I get them clean?

William Anderson says:

Could you check out arbor boards

1itt13 b1t_._ says:

I have an element board and it’s not pointy at all so mine is good

Renegade says:

Awesome review! Can I ask how your ability compares now to when you were younger? I know you dont do rails and gaps etc now but your tech must just as good.

Lukas Kraina says:

can you do santa cruz board review? thanks 🙂

Joel Folkesson says:

Are there big differences between us Element boards and European ones? I know they are not made the same or even in the same place. I love element, but I’m starting to feel like our European element decks are of lesser quality than the US ones. Hoping you know something about this and could shed some light on it. Thanks!

PS, your back tail video has helped me out tremendously, so thank you.

Gabriel San Pablo says:

Active Boards review please

TetrahexTV says:

look what those jerk birds did! everywhere! EVERRYHWERE!!

Andrew Nguyen says:

this is a bareback board

grahamhsu says:

2:34 is that a switch flip switch manny?

andrew says:

Santa Cruz Everslick. I just bought one, still sliding as I text this.

yo boi Steven says:

Hey Ben I always hear people talking about the “pocket” on a skateboard, usually in trick tip videos but I don’t know where the “pocket is, if you could please cover this in a video I would appreciate it.

Patrick TAYLOR says:

I had several Element decks in the 90’s. Loved them. Loved Element clothes too.

Obscure Element says:

7.75 trucks on 8.0 deck, i want opinions

Fat and Depressed says:

Every pstix deck I’ve had the truck holes were off centered

The Sacred Mountain says:

Ben inspired me to get back on the board and even get a channel going.

Kody Walker says:

what shape of element board is this though? all skateboard companies make plenty of different molds, shapes, sizes etc. just curious what kinda shape this is.

Patrick Ewing says:

I just skated 4 hours and was feeling superior to you and your 90 minute sessions… Then I tried to get out of my car and couldnt move XD. Question: Could you do a video on being an older skater and finding a new crewSkating alone? Iget the feeling youre wise in this as well by how good you are with the young skate rats and seem to have a few og friends but also probably skate solo alot too! Either way thanks for putting positivity out there and heres hoping home life makes as much sense as skating for you.

HaHa Too Slow says:

I wonder if they changed the wood at some point in the last decade. It was weird when I skated them around 04-05 they had great pop the first couple weeks then felt really soggy and weighted down. But yet when I would get pissed and try to stomp it I had a couple that could almost flex to the ground and go back to form making me further angry. They also had a fiberlight back then. I hated that board from day one and had the same problem lol.

Ryan Shecklerin Şapkası says:

Element,Baker or deathwish? Which is the lighter and good?

Ben Stanley says:

Any plans for a birdhouse 8.38 review? Pleeease

Spinmanvin says:

You should a review of the new Bones Easy Street wheels

joe blake says:

That shuv noseslide was so sick

Jacob DeCoursey says:

Used to love Elements back in 01-05. Then between the Fiberlight launch and the Billabong sale their boards started feeling like garbage.

I hear they’re getting better again though.

Joshua Jessop says:

Don’t care for Nyjah. Love Chad Tim Tim. Chris Chan is cool, also Nick Garcia is pretty tight. I think element is pretty alright as a brand.

Patrick TAYLOR says:

You know who else was a carpenter? Jesus.
Ben, can I call you skate Jesus?

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