Almost Skateboard Deck Review | Honest Skateboard Deck Reviews 2016

My honest review of an Almost skateboard deck (August 2016). Hope you guys enjoy this video!

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Liam Ramaekers says:

very helpful review! just ordered a deck yesterday with the same print as yours but in blue and wanted to know if I made the right choice, and it certainly sounds like I did. you got a sub from me, great content dude, keep but the good work!

zStokedNick says:

Bless you! Great Review! 😀

William Winn says:

funny I just picked up and almost to the impact Plus. also went with some tensor trucks

Gael Martinez says:

Skating Hanrails does not require a lot of work pop just go fast and when get onto the rail it would have only bean shin high but they are scary

LowBudget Productions says:

you deserve more subscribers

JonathanCarlsen says:

Damn you shredded that deck til the very end 😀

Hussain Rizvi says:

Honestly do more skating content, majority aren’t interested in deck reviews

grunge nerd says:

try toy machine

TheMarksmansam says:

First time stumbling upon your videos. As a newcomer I’d give 2 pieces of advice. 1: next “review” you do maybe throw in a couple 20-30 second clips of you using the skateboard. (IE: you talked about moderate high rails, maybe shortly after throw in a video of you board-sliding a couple) 2: Volume. This isn’t a big one but this is about the 10th video I’ve seen in the last hour and I had to turn my volume up significantly to hear it. Then of course 5 minutes of video go by and I go on to my next video and it’s blasting in my ear.

Nonetheless a decent review. Footage examples would help a lot. Your channel deserves more views than it gets.

Stephen Bianchi says:

Do you have one of Impact models with carbon fiber inserts? Those intrigue me. I like the concept and really want it to work.

nico martinez says:

Haha I just got an almost skateboard from about three weeks ago, so far I’ve been loving it

SpitReal Fire says:


Kelvin Ramirez says:

Thanks for the info because I was gonna buy a new board so maybe it’ll be an almost Board this time

Congreskate says:

that deck is almost trashed…

rroollfallen says:

Bless you jaja :p good review!

Toaster Burns says:

Hey man just saw your review i think ill get one its cheaper than then enjoy i want. Thanks!

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