Alien Workshop Hexmark Skateboard Deck Review!! (8.25)

Alien Workshop Hexmark Skateboard Deck Review (8.25) | Honest Skateboard Reviews (2018)
Testing out my DSLR (thanks Mogely!) – still figuring out how to get the best resolution. Next video will be focused better!

My name is Chris. My goal is to make skateboarding easier for others by helping them select the best gear for their skating, through honest product reviews & detailed setup guides. I also sometimes make trick tutorials & various other skateboarding-related videos.

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Joe Buczkowski says:

I bought an alien workshop deck today, missing link one size 8.0 ! PROMETHEUS/SCI FI

Filippo Lescai says:

So alien is good? I saw a alien memory screen that i think it’s good.. probably I’m gonna buy it..

frank silva says:

Do a blind deck or Santa Cruz

Funky Fresh says:

skate one of the dwindle distribution impact boards

ailin brickhill says:

Do a cafe beard

Ghillie Skillz says:

Could you try element because my friend wants one and I want to tell him how good they are

ivan durov says:

hey great channel!! how often do you change boards?

Sill Gorilla skates says:

I’ve never tried a mini logo.. They have some new chevron ones I thought about buying. And I thought, $30, can’t go wrong with that

PalenSkate says:

50-50 180 on de hubba was sexy

Ben Tolleson says:

I’ve been thinking about getting an AW deck. Thanks for the review.

Machinegunkuzzy 16 says:

You should review a consolidated board! I pretty much skate only Baker 8.5 boards (32.2 length) (very flat concave) with Indy 169s but I recently bought a consolidated board 8.5 and I like it it has a shorter wheelbase (14.25) and the length over all is a little shorter (31.95) and it just feels so much more thicker and sturdier than any other board I’ve ever ridden. I’d be curious to see what you think about a consolidated board!

Robert Levesque says:

I like your vids

SheSkates 926 says:

All I Need Skateboards, or Fickle Skateboards. There is a video of people trying to break a fickle deck and cannot without leverage, and the AIN board we have been skating has great pop, I would recommend both!

rroollfallen says:

Yeah dude! The 50 50 180 to sw 50 50 was so cool! Other hard tricks after that too including the 50-50 fs big spin out! Nice review on the board! It looked as it hel pretty good!

jose tadillo says:


jose tadillo says:

Adidas Lucas premiere

Slink Skateboards says:

Cool montage/ review. skate it up!

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