ABEC11 107mm Review and COMPETITION – Evolve Skateboards Weekly Ep. 35

This weeks video is on the ABEC 11 107mm Review and Competition! In this video we will give you details on our collaboration with ABEC 11 to deliver a new 107mm electric skateboard wheel! The F1 is the offical name of the new ABEC 11 + Evolve 107 wheel and its designed to bring a completely new feel to your Evolve electric skateboard.

We were very lucky to have an interview with Chris Chaput, owner and president of ABEC11. Chris gives us some great insights into the the creation of the new ABEC11 Evolve F1 107mm wheel as well as some background to ABEC11. Chris is a legend of the sport and former world freestyle champion with ABEC11 producing a huge selection of sizes, shapes, durometers and formulas for every type of skateboarding.

Stay tuned at the end as we will give you information on a competition we are running to giveaway a set of these great new skateboard wheels! You can have a look below for full details.

In terms of specs – The wheel is 107mm in diameter and 55mm in width. It uses the 74A Urethane Reflex formula that ABEC 11 is famous for, giving you a super soft ride. A complete set of wheels weighs about 2kg (4.4 pounds).

This wheel does fit on most of our Evolve electric skateboards including the Carbon GT, Bamboo GT, GTX and ONE board. It will also work on our older Gen 1 Carbon and Gen 2 Bamboo but it won’t be compatible with the pintail and snubnose due to wheel bite.

Two things to note – the belt covers won’t fit on the board if your are using the 107mm wheels so you will need to take them off but we do have a new belt cover coming in the next few weeks that will be compatible. The GT remote also doesn’t have a 107mm setting but we will be updating this shortly.

The ABEC 11 107mm F1 wheel will work with both our 32 tooth and 38 tooth drive gears, but each will give you a different ride. The 38 tooth gear will brake faster but the 32 tooth will give you a faster speed overall (but slightly less breaking performance).

As electric skateboard wheels go – the 107mm wheel feels nice and stable due to its large size and should really transform your Evolve skateboard – giving you a great hybrid option between the standard street wheels and AT tyres. You will feel the bumps far less than with the smaller street wheels and its a real joy to ride.

You can order them now from our website! www.evolveskateboards.com.


We will also be running a competition to give away one set of these awesome electric skateboard wheels. All you have to do is be a subscriber and tell us in the comments below why you want them. The best answer wins!

We will announce the results in the next Evolve Weekly. Have a look at the full competition details here https://www.evolveskateboards.com/pages/contest-terms-and-conditions and please note that YouTube is not affiliated with this competition. You can see their community guidelines here: https://www.youtube.com/yt/policyandsafety/communityguidelines.html

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Simisky YT says:

i live in beachside WA, lots of fallen and dead leaves as well as pinecones that the 83mm wheels cannot handle! these wheels look like they can mess sh*t up!!! id be so stoked to get these wheels to soak up all of the sunshine and happiness that comes from summer with these F1s!! 🙂

James Harris says:

These spongey black donuts will look just nice on my CGT and be the perfect advertisement for Evolve skateboards in Indonesia. Can’t wait to bring them across from Brisbane next week !

Thunderfart says:

Well done Evolve. The new wheels are a great improvement for the company again. Keep going. Love your stuff.

Ebisan Ekperigin says:

Awesome wheels!!! As a Gen 2 Bamboo OG, These wheels would be awesome for my boards as i can blow all the newer competition out of the park. The reflex and rebound on these wheels would totally help me knock the haters (and stones) out of my path!

Leon Drygala says:

Nice! Think it’s finally time to replace the AT wheels 😉

justin21002002 says:

i think these wheels would be awesome for my ninja turtle electric longboard build but then i guess i would need to buy some belts and gears from yall as well, any ways i dont really have any good roads that is to say ones that are not just bump or side walks that dont have large cracks in them. i have 83mm wheels now and i can barely ride. i live in Austin Texas and work as a children entertainer and i use my board for every day travel, i do not have any other transport i use the bus to get close to the evens but a lot of time i still have 5 mile or more after i get off the bus these wheels would make my road travel so much easier on my feet as well as on my time.

Jaryd Neethling says:

I prayed to the eBoard gods & they answered!
I ride to work everyday. I want a set of these amazing wheels to help me glide over the gaps in the pavement.

Dave Kay says:

These wheels are awesome because they not only fit on all Evolve boards, they also maximize your top speed!
I am so looking forward to ride them!! 🙂

Oscar William says:

These wheels are perfect for my Bamboo Gt because I just can’t seem to get enough speed! 47km, it’s a step up from overtaking Lycra to overtaking cars!

christian bunn says:

Those wheels personally are the best set of wheels evolve have made yet. I have the 80mm wheels and with no doubt I know that the 107mm wheels will make my ride faster, more fun and easier to get around. Thanks evolve and keep evolving you doing great!

sickhcivc says:

I really want these wheels mainly because I don’t even have a board but this would get me a little closer to my dream of owning a bamboo gt

little lo says:

I really want to feel how buttery smooth they are.

SNGaming says:

These wheels are going to be big and better and it will destroy cracks on the street

busapassion says:

Love my Evolve carbon gt. Best invention since sliced bread. These 107 wheels look sleek and comfortable. Can’t wait until you get the guards sorted out.  Black wheels look really stealthy on the carbon gt like a SR71 blackbird jet.  Keep up the innovative forward thinking and beating out the competition of E boards. Evolve for life. You guys rock.

kebinking2 says:

Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is
Everything EVOLVE do, they do it big
Yeah, uh huh, screaming that’s nothing
What they pulled off the lot, that’s stunting
Repping esk8 town when you see them you know everything
Black and yellow
they put it down from the whip and their wheels , they in
Black and yellow
Black and yellow
Black and yellow
Black and yellow

SmoquedKiwi NZ says:

Because i just upgraded to 97s but i want something softer

john leebold says:

The Abec11 F11’s 107mm x 55mm look smooth as silk and for distance and speed they look designed to milk the juice of the Evolve Suite of Carvers and Flyers. May Evolve keep on Evolving to keep us keeping on ! Cheers to the Evolve Team, Abec and all its Riders.

Jordan Heron says:

Currently have some 97mm clones and have heard that there is a big jump in ride quality from clones to genuine abec 11’s! I would love to rock that black and yellow theme as I skate like I’m surfing on a cloud…

Eugene Kee says:

Sweet lookin wheels Jeff! might be time for me to change my setup to street to give these babies a go! And you know how much I love the AT wheels! haha…

Padstow Boardrider says:

These may actually convince me to buy a street kit. Wherls look big enough for those pesky 2inch driveways

Cam Reichard says:

These look awesome! I was thinking of a pair of pneumatics but this seems to cover more of my riding style while offering greater stability and comfort. Also looks rad in black! Looking forward to slapping ’em on and cruising the evenings away!

zheng shaojie says:

Those wheels looks awesome, probably order a set after belt cover are released as well.

Max Malouf says:

Dam those are beast! The wheels just keep getting bigger and better!

Airborne Images says:

$240 for a set of Chinese made wheels…..I don’t think so!!

Khirwan Khamin says:

Thanks Evolve for listening to us riders. We wanted a 107s Black and you’ve got Abec11s to produce the F1!

Brice Gower says:

These wheels will be awesome on my board so I can over take the Lycra Warriors that always have to race me on the cycle path!

Richard D'Angelo says:

These wheels look awesome. What board is that in your video, I really like that urban camo board and want one, how can I order it?

Cortlan Olson says:

These wheels would be awesome for riding on all the rough roads where I live!

Mason T says:

I’d love a set of these wheels since I want not only myself but others to experience the pinnacle of what an Evolve Skateboard riding experience can be. To talk about the awesome collaboration that took place to strangers when they look at how thick the wheels are and for those who’ve never even heard of Evolve or ABEC and what it took to get there (and for them to experience buttery rides, even if they’re vegan lol)

Dominik Gelsheimer says:

I would like them because it would make driving over imperfect pavement even nicer. Also the colour is way better than my current green 97s

YogaBlossom says:

I like big wheels and I cannot lie, you other skaters can’t deny! When a GTX rides in on those itty 97’s, they be gettin’ smoked!

Dev Pandya says:

Can’t wait for these. I thought my need for speed was going to be fulfilled by the 97s but now I just want to go faster

Josef Zamfir says:

I always found the street setup to be more enjoyable to ride which is why these new ABEC11-F1 wheels would make all the difference when riding to my fave cruising spot because I don’t just ride on smooth paths, I ride the bumpy black stuff all the way there. Keep up the collaborations Evolve, I am loving the outcomes.

Antoniolb14 says:

Yeah I want this wheels, let me have the opportunity of reviewing them 😀

Nimal Kailaivasan says:

These wheels will match my board color.

paulmfarrell says:

May I please have them? I was taught good manners always go a long way. My twins start school next year and I can see myself carving alongside the Barwon river in Geelong with a telescopic fishing rod in my backpack, around 5 days a week. My carbon GT is up on blocks waiting for some new wheels!!!

Electric Longboard says:

Would love these for my gtx in the bad MI roads!

Buddsy says:

I Would love the wheels to keep the stealth look of my CGT while using the ABEC Reflex formula.

Robin Z. V. says:

I’d love a set of these for the board I just ordered. As someone new to electric skateboards, I’ll take any riding smoothness I can get with those 107’s.

Tim Stafford-Walker says:

Been waiting for these to come out to go with my first board. I definitely need the smooth ride to be able to make any kind of decent distance until I’m fully recovered from some ongoing issues. Thanks Evolve.

Kid Prozac says:

Absolutely beautiful wheels. Color scheme is fantastic. I have 83mm abec11 on my current e-board. Would love to win a set of F1’s for a serious upgrade! Great work Evolve and Abec11

Dillon L says:

I want these wheels because of the extra speed and smoothness and the black and yellow would look awesome on my carbon GT.

Alex Williams says:

These will be great for getting more top speed. The softer duro sounds like a dream. Can’t wait to try these.

Daniel Filippus says:

They might be a perfect compromise for an all terrain rider like me who want a little more range out of the board!

Chris Cabezas says:

Hey guys! Still loving my GTX. I want the wheels because I want to try them out on a track and break 25 mph for the first time! I also think they’re really going to push the market forward and I hope the partnership with Abec 11 is a long one.

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