$350 Electric Skateboard Kit – Meepo Board Review – It’s not $250

Here are some decks I can suggest:
Loaded Vanguard (If you want a Boosted Board Clone)
DB Longboards Coreflex (The deck I used, $112 clearance)
Arbor ZEPPELIN BC (Bamboo)
Sector 9 Meridian

This board is cheap and also available from other brands (WowGo, IRLAN etc) for the same price, but Keiran is a solid dude, offers great support and hangs out on the ESkate reddit. He’s always available. That’s a HUGE plus.

Thanks to Keiran over at Meepo for providing this review board.http://meepoboard.com

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Marco Domingos says:

when you do the water resistance test to the back fire 2?

Cesar Bermudez says:

Rumor has it the next video will be the Backfire V2 final review…

TECH IN 5 says:


Waynelirious says:

How fast is it

brewdub says:

Where is the backfire review you promised? Can’t wait!

Jack Hydrazine says:

Where’s the Noodle Nazi? No noodles for you! Come back one month!

Dominion Order says:

Did you do any testing on the battery to make sure it is safe? Cheap batteries start on fire

3d Print Creator says:

Yeah, please do the review soon… I am not into skateboarding because electric skateboards are not allowed here in the Netherlands… (such a shame).

Jaeger says:

Hey man, I’ve got a quick question! I’ve got a Rayne Rival Freeride deck and it’s got a bit of concave to it. If I were to do this build, how would you suggest to fill in the gap between the enclosure and the deck where it curves up? Would shaping some bondo work? Extra layers of rubber sheet? Custom wood inserts?

Thank you and keep making these extremely informative videos!!! 🙂

Cesar Bermudez says:

With shipping it’ll cost $510. I’m currently waiting on Backfire’s IndieGoGo

MiggyManMike says:

Why isn’t there an ichican in london… why!!!!

Randy Candy says:

How wide does the deck need to be?

cypress hollier says:

Don’t stop with the electric skateboard reviews! Currently you’re the best reviewer for electric skateboards on Youtube.

Ryan Reyna says:

dude u made my day

Anti Petrolhead says:

Now I really enjoyed this video. I am curious about DIY boards and did want to use Meepo to do it with. I like the old school surfin board design of the ZBOARD but can’t afford one. I thought about just buying the deck of my liking and just convert the too. But if I wanted to skip the process. I could live with the Backfire 2 Galaxy Edition.

Kevin Hindriks says:

MINDBLOWN! Game changer video 😉 I’m doing exactly this when I order a Meepo

SnarkyPosters says:

And now I want noodles too.

A Pyro Design says:

Excellent video man. Love the noodle privacy door lol. Glad you didn’t have anymore issues with that board.

Adrian says:

Mis dieses!

Joe Kyser says:

awesome bro. thats the kind of stuff I like to do. Im always building something new out of something old.

Nancy Zhong says:

awesome and informative video!!!!!!!!! yay preston!!!!!!!!!!!! trolls are trash !!!!

Anti Petrolhead says:

And now I want noodles as well…

Eric Weinberger says:

Your knowledge and video production is so next level in the esk8 world. I miss it when you’re not putting new stuff out. Thanks for the review and keep on keepin on.

Sean Christopher says:

Another great video. If they make a Melody with that board, I will get one.

eSk8r says:

The reason I don’t include shipping prices Reset (and I note this is the first time you have in a board review) is they vary considerably depending on country and continent… admittedly meepo prices and delivery have increased significantly since I purchased my board and made my video, total cost is probably closer to $400 now. However it started on sale for $199 with $60 delivery just before I ordered.. The forces of supply and demand have soured the deal for consumers over time it seems! Nice video though 🙂

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