3 SKATEBOARD DECK REVIEWS! (ReVive, Plan B P2, Alien Workshop) | Honest Skateboard Deck Review Video

My honest review of 3 different skateboard decks: ReVive, Plan B P2, and Alien Workshop! (2016)

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skatersridge says:

great video dude.
in my opinion my worst decks ive ever skated were zero, revive, and plan B p2. i dont know why but the P2 boards are really shitty. if i get a normal plan b deck its fine, but the plan b P2 is just trash in my opinion.

MartiniSkateboarding says:

Nice review!

PaulmTreePaul says:

Alien Workshop is where it’s at!

Nicholas McDermott says:

Hey, i really like your videos and I just wanted to say the element carver Westgate is a really good deck. my mate has one and the pop lasts really long and the graphic and tail are really durable too.
Btw the weird vocabulary is because I’m English

devin rando says:

revive is my favorite

Jacob SB says:

Chocolate skateboards are great. Super good shape and concave, skated it for 4 months without getting any chips and still had amazing pop. But it cracked doing the smallest drop, and then cracked more doing a kick flip so then i just decided to focus it. They are great boards, but can snap super easy

nonono nono says:

plan b boards chip soooooo easily (btw the new alien workshop decks are alot sturdier)

Obnoxious & Loud says:

Good reviews man

Josh Bang says:

Try GIRL. Best deck for me. Has the largest pop. Very light. Hard to chip. Hard to focus. last long. It lasted me 6 months and i skate stairs 5-8 steps. And it is awesome!!!!

Helpful Gaming says:

i am thinking about getting a zero complete skateboard is it any good or could u suggest to me other could complete skateboards

Logan Brown says:

Nice vid dude would like to see more of these keep it up

Bxterr says:

its weird cause my revive chipped fast but my plan b lasted me a long time lol its like the opposite for me, but after watching this i might try an alien workshop i never tried one before.

Dublinskater 26 says:

I just got a alien work shop haven’t started skating it yet but was yours from Tum yeto or dna and I subbed

KevinT says:

which one is the best?
alien workshop, dgk or toy machine.
Also great video dude.

Marcus Green says:

Nice review! Never had any good experiences with Plan B boards. I never usually ride pro decks but I skated two primitive boards in 2015 and I broke one doing a Hardflip on flat and chipped the other one the very first day I had it and gave it away at the skatepark.

Chan Son says:

You barely move your mouth when you talk

joe cross says:

if he says revive is best im gonna cry

FirstPersonSkater says:

Nice Video. Would like to see more Reviews.
My personal two favorite decks yet are Welcome and Warriors.
Welcome: Lasted very long and it’s still skateable and capable of stuff.
Warriors: Even though it tends to flex pretty quick, it still feels like you can have some nasty landings without worrying to snap it.

What I would reccomend for you to check out would be a T-Fiber by Titus. These boards literally last forever.

the tusk says:

my plan b did the same w the chipping on the nose and tail and never had it as bad before or after.. I love AWS as well great boards

Alexander Belgiumskater says:

Plan be sucks i think mine snapped in a month

PalenSkate says:

since Im heavy my boards always lose its pop the first week, hahaha

Eric Rice says:

does alien workshop feel similar to plan b

William Winn says:

love Alien Workshop My First deck in the 90s was an Alien Workshop

TiKLS says:

Is the plan b a very heavy board in your opinion?

Hotchner Pittman says:

I wouldn’t recommend Revive. My little brother got one and in just two months it snapped. I ride an Alien workshop and I can say that they make some super sturdy boards. I’ve had it for a year now and it hasn’t failed me, it has amazing pop and doesn’t razor tail too quickly.

David A says:

I actually like a little flex on my board, I dunno why… I mean trucks turn, wheels and bearings spin and a deck that flexs a bit more than others – is like makes the who skateboard more dynamic, sometimes more forgiving on tricks even and sometimes just sucks.

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