$15 Krytonics vs $40 Darkstar vs $120 Pro Complete | Which Skateboard Is Worth The Money

In this episode we get a little more serious. We are taking the $15 Kryptonics and $40 Darkstar complete skateboard set-ups that can be purchased at your local Walmart or Target. There is then a professional complete that is thrown into the mix to show you what money can buy you!

We discuss the differences, get the opinion of a 9 year old, get the opinion of an adult, and get some skate action from both of them to see what would satisfy the needs of each of them.

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Hayden Hebert says:

400th sub

Matt's a comic king says:

Good vid bro.

Kamerin Martinez says:

That is a lovely pitbull you have

Jabari Simms says:


Black Batman says:

Your dog is scary

Aierek says:

Is your doughez name actually Stalin?

ZxI I III I IxZ says:

Holy shit this is black sheep before the gta drifting

Derek says:

Kryptonics used to make professional boards also

bruisingthabakofyousthroat says:

One hill flattened the kryptonics wheels

outside guys says:

I have kriptonucs

Mad Max says:


Mark Academia says:

ahh a a uau ha ha ha ha ha hah ha ha ha ha hah im the dog in the backround

phantomX - phantomforces says:

My first skateboard was pro

IAmTheBestMang says:

I remember the Kryptonics boards actually had no concave at one point lmao.

jackson miler 444 says:

He put wd40 on the kriptonics and I rode one today within was actually ok here’s a bad board air walk don’t buy it

ZUZA says:

its 8 pliz

Satan says:


Connor Wilcox says:

Oh, it might not be kryptonic.

Asher Skatez says:

5 ply

Matt's a comic king says:

Didn’t dark star use to make really good boards

Danny P says:

Plastic trucks eww no thanks

Eric Adrien says:

is a 80-90 euro skateboard good for a beginner?

Scott Logan says:


Ana Maria Mieles says:

I’ve had one Walmart board and one Dark Star board and they both have had my dog trucks but the one from Target we are literally broke off

gamer guy says:

the first board he showed has five

Daniel Macleavy says:

abec means nothing

Enderman 258 says:


Connor Wilcox says:

Mine was $80, and I have not gotten it yet but it is kryptonic. I don’t know if it ripped me off or if it is better. Pray for me.

zay hi says:

8 ply

harpers world see says:

Darkstar used to be a respectable board.

HomeBoyHernandez says:

My walmart board expired



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