What I ordered from amazon for my BIRTHDAY! Candi Girl Roller SKATES!!!!

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Its no secret I love amazon. I have bought a ton of stuff soo I still Have more to share. But I wanted to share what I bought on amazon for my birth coming up in the first week of april.

You can buy the skates and sock down below or just check them out for yourself—-

Candi girl roller skates- https://amzn.to/2IZOa4I
3 pack socks- https://amzn.to/2IZMMyP

these skates fit true to size 🙂 so dont order up unless you are half sizes like 6 1/2 get a 7. The wheels on these are outdoor 🙂 if you want to skate indoor at a rink you will have to buy indoor wheels.

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96g20t says:

Love you Rosemarie, you’re so beautiful both inside and out.

ricardo lopez O. says:

happy birthday Kiss and hugs beautifull mommy nice roller

Jon Smithy says:

Happy B day Mommy⚠
IMOM Those are THE dopest skates that park has ever seen! I so dig your style and honestly am curious….what are the official names of the colors on those boots??

Ps…do you shoot the duck?

I am the 1988 Scottsdale youth club 2nd annual speed skate champion runner-up. I pulled a hammy….

ThisIsEllie says:

I love skates so much i don’t know why

Erin Rollins says:

I can’t wait to get mine

M Bibi says:


Cody Martin says:

Happy Birthday!!!! The skates and socks are cute.

Stuntman Mike says:

I’m really liking the new format ! Skates, Sticky Bra, Hiking , What I Bought , Gardening …….

Yeet says:

100 for roller skates is actually very cheap for quality skates

Cherilify's Vlog says:

Your awesome
Keep it up !

Spanky says:

I find myself extremely fascinated with watching someone tie their skates. I’m glad that I can appreciate the simple things in life. Isn’t that what it’s all about.

Pleasantly enjoyable video.

Good Times

Tony Stark says:


Subhash Kumar says:

your son is running..very cute son….

Shikher Singh says:

Happy Birthday!!

gospelevans says:

U can use outdoor skates indoor. 84A are outdoor/indoor skates

Simon Bean says:


Demetrius Conyers says:

Happy I’m so late birthday dam your fine kick behind dollars and classic I Love the old 4 wheelers

Ferrabraz Ferrabraz says:

Awesome mommy.

Beatrice Gonzalez says:

How is your kids how is your husband and girl you are hot and happy Easter

gospelevans says:

Cool bootleg moxi look


These are nice little cheap skates to start with, totally enjoyed watching you skate in them !

Danielle Draws says:

I love skating and I’m glad you like your skates my Chicago bullet skates are on there way from amazon

Andreanna Sthillaire says:

I know I’m late but my bday March 26 WOOHOO

joshua r says:

this is a oldie but it just might be might be my fave youtube vid of yours

George NM says:

Seems she has no bra on. God, it is just too sexy. (My apologies to your husband.)

Daydream The Coyote says:

3:24 OOF

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