While doing the new adidas yeezy V2 zebra roller blade sneaker custom performance review.. these yeezys broke my ankle. Biggest sneaker fail of my life.


Andrew Dominguez says:

Dope vid man

JaksonIsDead says:

Bruh you posted this on my birthday

Kristian Crosby says:

Handled that shit like a champ, funny as shit

Faroza says:

Namebran getting ads… that’s a first

Lo_Entertainment says:

I love watching namebran high it’s so entertaining

Samantha Vazquez says:

Y good

dom jones says:

Youre messed up

KingGames says:

anyone notice the skate wheels disappeared

Justice1205 says:

You need a cast if you dont your bone will begin to like turn into dust

Alfie Gibbons says:

I don’t think he broke it cow I broke my ankle and stayed in hospital for four nights and couldn’t walk for three months or Maybe his was Harvey a brake and they would make him have a cast

555 says:

I want a shirt

Schuyler Cassidy says:


Yung Casper says:

Where tha wheels go

You Smell That? says:

HEYY I know what city you live in!! I’ve been to that hosptial!

thomas stephen says:

hope it gets better soon how’s the knee

Synk Raven says:

May I please and thank you have a shirt or backpack or sweater I’ve been subbed since 30,000 subs

Jackson Ally says:


zach severns says:

yo can i have a shirt please

Ethan Slover says:

Make a Yeezy Golf Shoe

Klutch 0bTaiNNN says:

My dad bet me 50 bucks I couldn’t get to 150 subs by Monday help me prove him wrong

Embodingsnow67 says:

breaks ankle only 73k views…

Warrior Clan says:

hope you get better

Keoni Turner says:

You’re friend a bitch he didint even help you into the hospital

mobile gamer says:

let my get a shirt

Max Praetorius says:

Ur ankles gonna get stuck like that and not heal, ur probs gonna need to go into surgery, it happened to me twice

manzzz with the planzzz says:

If this is real you’re a dumbass for not having ant ankle support

Marvin Tomas says:

bastos haole

James Rishavy says:

R.I.P FaggotWithNoLife

Magic Moments says:

Ur Fragile.

KING A says:

NameBrand your an idiot but I admire your work and your dedication you deserve billion of followers

I'm the best says:


hunterodriguez 359 says:

@namebran can I have a shirt and I hope your ankle gets better

Raymond Avelino says:

God bless

BeezyVids says:

Shit legit

Noground 792 says:

Dude your the type of guy that breaks his ankle and is fucking hype about for the views HAHA love it keep it up

Samantha Vazquez says:


chumbag says:

asking for people to click your ads is against youtube terms (not trying to hate on you making money but trying to help you)

Ayden Rouse says:

Love u namebran just wanted to say that no homo

Johnny SoStupid says:

He’s fucking stupid why would you get yeezy roller skates they have no support or anything so you had that coming

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