The $399 Segway Drift “Hovershoes” – How Bad Is It?

The Segway Drift W1s aren’t out yet – but they will be! I give a quick unboxing and first impressions to see if they’re dope or nope – and honestly the new “Hoverboard” shoes by Segway are DOPE!! They’re pretty easy to ride especially if you’ve been on a hoverboard or Ninebot before, but even if you haven’t you can see that people were able to ride them FIRST TRY 🔥If this video gets 25,000 LIKES I’ll reach out to Segway to do a giveaway!👽📦

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I get to experience Segway`s New e-Skates – the Segway Drift W1s!! No one has hit the e-skates category yet… or have they?? Make sure you stay tuned to see the future of this tech 💸💯

My friend iJustine made a video, check it out!

Segway’s video:

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Dave Smith says:

Starts at 3:00

Andy Peters says:

Beggin for likes with a fake givaway

Andrei Ritaga says:


Furious Angels says:

So can you only buy ONE and stand on it with 2 feet ????

Marco Deo says:

are they self-balancing?

PoppinSuaDay says:


Rachel 1210 says:


flkjames says:

nice video! it’s never about price, if you search hho separated boards on google, you will find much cheaper price, but there is some brand reputation in the price on segway’s products. anyway, just a thought about your title.

Modern Dagamer says:

better than ninebot mini?

iDistracted says:

The cameraman: *on segway ninebot*

Jesse Productions says:


drshoexu says:

actually Ninebot owns Segway and Xiaomi is a major shareholder of Ninebot. This device sells for $290 USD in china, quite affordable.

Rubin lopez says:

I would like for there to be a way for you to strap them on

pandastylearmy says:

thats a great commercial. thanks

Maude Happy says:

I have the they are so fun and easy

J W. says:

Bwahahahahahaha! That things looks heavy and can’t go up a hill and no suspension. Great if you only live on flat land and it looks clunky and chunky. You get the same ride with a pair of 70’s roller skate that can go anywhere, no charging required and light weight compare to this Drift.

Cool__AdamkoSK says:

I want those so much its christmas soon but i cant afford it

Bob Hewitt says:

at $400, not. nice fad. but if we remember the Segway was supposed to revolutionize transportation as we know it. they’re just a funny toy, just like this will be. maybe i’ll pick them up on Craigslist in a couple of years after the fad wears off and the used ones are $150.

Noah Bundonis says:


Rafat Shahin says:

I want one

Subbyu says:

What’s wrong with his hair

Adam S says:

Plz Segway Shoes GIVEAWAY!!

Joshua Adams says:

Just another way for fat lazy fucks to get both fatter and lazier. When did walking become such a chore?

theigloo says:

but you cant strap your feet to them DEERRRRR!!!!

Kurtiskurtical says:

Not. A. Hoverboard!! Please add “self balancing scooter” to your vocabulary…

Cuzz Aldrin says:

Motorized healies, yeah no ty. Too goofy looking

Martin Siry says:

piece of shit… just buuuy buuuuuy buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy 🙂 bye bye

ItzDogeBG says:

axelerator in real life

Michael Steimel says:

The beeping is so annoying on mine

Daniel Zawerton says:

sorry looks like an accident TRYING to happen……………………………

Rich Bleiler says:

YES is

Furious Angels says:

Nothing on range per charge, or max speed, or your expectations of long term ownership / wear and tear???

Spongeworthy says:

too long winded. just write an article and i’ll read it.

Ellie C says:

Why are u a legand!!!!!

Katie x Isabel says:

Plz Segway shoe giveaway

Olivier Ziou says:

And when you have a pavement , a step ?

Kevin Oakes says:

For.the first time? But the wheels are already dirty in that clip?

sidewinder3000 says:

How BAD is it? Confusing title.

itsjustkala says:

Heelys upgraded.

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