thankyou Segway for sponsoring this video. more info onthe drift w1 here; http://www.segway.com/

Intro song:
AllttA – AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) – https://soundcloud.com/alltta

Weasilboy – https://soundcloud.com/weasilboy
Narch – http://www.narchbeats.com/
Real Estate Agents – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSSqypToVj0



Are u filipino

Johan Smit says:

Put one on the other.

Liz P says:

If you were going to suggest these vs a hoverboard for a 12 year old for outside use what would you suggest?

OrbitMint says:

name of song at minute 5:00?

Сергей Гнатенкин says:

Классное промо

redsoil5 says:

That technology will make you fatter!

nemo memo says:

it needs strap to strap on shoes

Tiberio Araujo says:

Have you tried strapping them to your feet to have more mobility and walk up high ledges and stuff?

VerdeMorte says:

Instead of wheels, why doesn’t Segway try a tracked device? They’re easier to maintain and there’s no air tires to worry about…

Chris Cuthbertson says:

I was hoping for a Hackers scene in the station.

Mr. sting ray says:

This is something the 50s would have predicted

Bruce Willis says:

классна штука!

Hyprcell says:

i have theese. they can get too fast and if you lean to the laft or right too much you will fall.

joshualucas says:

so great, you can use them at an airport, a train station or an … airport

Mark Arnold says:

I kept waiting for you to try to go down a flight of stairs!

maruf ahmed says:

Ads on ad wow

Larry Bates says:

Have you heard of this awesome new invention called a skateboard…. you should get one. Actually you definitely shouldn’t

StarsRhi2 says:

pretty soon they will have rolling pee pots…..stupid electric shoes…..for lazy empty people

jrichardson6 says:

What so I’m watching adverts for this crap now unsubbed

DCAbsolutJohn1 says:

DUDE – you look so much like Sean Penn!!! HFS…

Jonathan Soko says:

They will also be banned in every public area, so whats the point? 100% every mall airport and station will ban them immediately just like the boards.

BOBALO says:

Not useful at all

1 W4N7 2 D13 says:

just watch ltt’s video

Tim Brickey says:

Oooh that’s what happened to Heelies

ToNewBeginings says:

Can you send me a pair ? I want to try them.

Jim Weathers says:

More Ridiculous Segway Shit, it’s all Dangerous Crap to make people Lazy fucks!

CaseyNeistat says:

they’re not as fast as a boosted board but way easier to use indoors (in places where you couldnt bring a bigger skateboard). cool little product. Dan and i had a lot of fun makign this video. also Penn Station DGAF about hover shoes.

James Egan says:

You should get a little carpet and stiffen it up somehow with hair spray or something and put it on top of those and fly around

Timmy says:

*WALL-E (2008)*

superfan67 says:

casey can you make a one world trade center video?

Hitlers onone says:

Any chance you want to buy some new fuckin trainers with the amount of money your on you clown

Andrew Leal says:

Where my Mexicans 2:04 uno, dos, tres, quatro

But It's a Youtube video says:

weird flex but ok

Douglas Wares says:

How do u block someone so the videos never appear in front of you ever again??

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