Roller skates | What you MUST know before buying |

Roller skates can be used for exercise, regular skating or dancing and disco. But which type of roller skate should you get? This guide gives you more insight about what to look into when buying your first pair of quad skates.

A quick beginner’s buying guide with the following topics:
– Quick intro
– Wheels
– Bearings
– Soft-boot vs. hard boot
– Size/fit
– Trucks & plates
– Toe stop
– Skate protection

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Irena da Rocha says:

I ordered a pair of rollerskates from SkatePRO and I really love them. Thnx. 🙂

Trash 11 says:

Is a hard boot or soft boot better for roller derby?

Piggy Pigster says:

I bought the Roces Ollie Quad skates to skate outdoors, but I feel they’re not rolling so well. The wheels are quite hard, is it possible that I need softer wheels to skate in the streets. And if so, can I change the wheels of my Roces Ollie skates?

JDoe says:

Skatepro is definitely the best online shop I’ve ever orderd from!

Cutie Pie says:

How do i clean my wheels if i live in denmark??

Madison Pubel says:

I ordered the roces white classic skates the wheels have 82A so are they hard wheels?? And if they are can I use them outside and learn some stunts etc.?

Icel Diy says:

I have orderd a roller skate from skate pro and im really happy with them but im wondering if it is ok to skate with soft weels on streets

Miss Jesterhat says:

I bought the río roller passion, I’m actually waiting for my package today. So excited. You were the only ones willing to ship to Mexico :* TY

MaRybErrY fAirY says:

Do you know if the Brand BFTL is good ?

Vahe Gharibyan says:

Sorry how can I buy ?

Dark angel of justice says:

hello, i want to start rollerskating so what do you reccomand to buy for beginners?

T. Hanna says:

The soft or the hard wheels are better for danceing??

Lexie Hull says:

I’m an artistic roller skater from Australia and was wondering if you could do a video on the proper artistic skates?

Ali Joumaa says:

hey. thank u for the vid 🙂 i just want to ask you what is the best quad roller if i want to move with it on street.. and what is the best wheel type for it ?

Daniela Lee says:

I just ordered my skates but I’m really nervous if they won’t fit me

Isabella Cxl says:

i want to buy roller skates online because they don’t have them in store in my area. i’m a size 8 in shoes so what roller skate size would you recommend?

Filippos Karagiannis says:

1:57 “if your toes touch the nose of the skate, you know they are too small”.. BRAINWASH! xD
i mean.. not to be rude but c’ommon.

Julie Carrillo says:

what kind of wheels should I used for a beginner.

SkatePro E-mail says:

Wheels: 00:33
Soft or hard boot? : 01:10
Size: 01:34
Trucks & plates: 02:01
Toe Stop: 02:10
Saftey: 02:46

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