RocketSkates R5 – “Extreme Electric Skates” REVIEW

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These RocketSkates will make you feel like Optimus Prime! Another fun electric rideable that will turn heads and make you the talk of the town! (Seen on Shark Tank!) The R5’s allow you to remotely control the electric skates with an included remote or even from your smartphone. Total distance: 5 miles. Top speed: 7 mph (11.27 kph). Full charge duration 2.5 hrs.
The RocketSkates definitely take some practice to become comfortable and proficient, but these are great for those who enjoy a unique and fun riding challenge!

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Smart Hero says:

I subscribe

Go Fish says:

These are just smaller electric wheelchairs for you feet

Dan Rigsley says:

Epic Fail! lol…They are hideous.

tangente00 says:

anyone know if you can go uphill with these?

NYC Dancer J Incredible says:

Those are really nice do you still use them?? i might get me a pair

Non Jibi says:

so handsome ^_^

falun gong cult says:

Now it’s all electric to go places.

sunset gaming says:

I feel like slowing down will make u fall:|

James Bronie says:

can you go off road?

Lovely Rosar says:

How can i find it

Verru Singh says:

Punjabi song anrggi Bali madam

Vaughn Samii says:

Would you say these are worth it

Edgar Lindo says:

Thats dangerous if u dont know how to skate u might break ur legs on that

Mabusesato says:

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly

Jarod Ames says:

Should’ve called them super heelys

oscar grober machaca canqui says:

eu gostel eu quero

guava slime daniel says:

nais call me

Luke Schultz says:


Pitbull & Rottweiler h says:


Paty Zamora says:

Do you know if it is safe to use it on rainy season?

James James says:

Please can you let me know where you got the remote controller from – provide a link to the item – as i would rather use a controller like the one that you used in your video than my mobile phone (in case i fall – saving my phone from a crash landing, and also saving the battery life of my mobile). Thanks : )

aretas stankunas says:

gal parduodat kiek kainuotu

TChile Ninnas says:

onde venden? por quanto?

Me And My PIGYY says:

Is it kinda like a hoverboard

jack sparrow says:

yeah itd def be better if you didn’t have to keep one foot in front of the other but it does look fun

captain peyton says:

do they sell these i need one NOW!!!!

cris rose says:

60 min of driving at a top speed of 7mph = 5 miles? wot?

Jed Teng says:

I wonder what happens if you ran over a small rock…

DeShaun Walker says:

moter scoter. seems. cool. I’m. buying it

Lee Hanyo says:

PokemonGo should market these, would make a killing.

thebrodog guy says:

Do the rsf 650 by razor plz

Bingo AJ says:

o got theese for easter

Ryan yang says:

electric wheel chair for feet

BBBYpsi says:

I’m 55 & now fat & out of shape but used to be a big roller skater in the 70’s & 80’s I am sure the balance would not be a problem for me. If the battery dies can you use it to keep rolling like roller skates? I would like to see it have power in both wheels make it a bit more comfortable instead of keeping one leg in front all the time.

AerialGuardian says:

Man I hate Salesmen.

Mo Duza says:

how much is it?

Vaughn Samii says:

Ok thanks I really want the boosted board

Joseph Stokes says:

Dude! Check out the “Gizmo” documentary about the 1930’s and the grandfather to these is shown fairly well and is quite interesting. Thanks for your reviews!

Kerbal Zone says:

they are cool but I’m 100% sure the wheels are from a hoover

Unity says:


Shabir Hussain Qureshi says:


cee teea says:

this is dumb….wheels look mad cheap…LMAO..

Amanda Brunello says:

can u review the orbitwheel

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